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Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution

If you operate a website, (mobile) application or similar software that can be used by sellers to be connected to users, then likely the measure to collect, verify and report data on sellers and their transactions to the tax authorities will apply to you. The rules in this respect are laid down in the Directive 2011/16/EU on Administrative Cooperation in the field of taxation (“DAC7”) and the national legislation of each EU country.

The DAC7 requirements pose different challenges on businesses. Deloitte offers an end-to-end solution to support businesses to be DAC7 compliant. As part of that we offer DAC7 software specifically designed to create and submit DAC7 reports in a cost-efficient manner, for the Netherlands as well as other EU countries: Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution.

Understanding DAC7

If you as a platform (website, app, etc.) are bringing sellers directly or indirectly in contact with buyers of the goods and services provided by these seller you are likely subject to DAC7 reporting requirements. For details on the scope of the DAC7 rules and exceptions that might apply we refer to our dedicated DAC7 Landing Page.

Comprehensive support with our DAC7 reporting solution

To facilitate businesses in being DAC7 compliant, Deloitte offers end-to-end support. Our suite of DAC7 support includes use of our DAC7 software that is specifically designed to create DAC7 reports in accordance with the standards of the relevant EU country of reporting, including the Netherlands. Also, our DAC7 software allows you to automatically submit the DAC7 report with the tax authorities in countries where automated filing is available or required, such as the Netherlands and Germany.

To give businesses flexibility it is possible to feed a DAC7 compliant report and use the Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution for submission only. Alternatively, you can upload the reportable data into the Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution for both report generating and submission. Under this alternative the Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution will also notify you of data format errors identified. This allows you to enhance the data prior to generating a DAC7 report for actual submission.

Getting started

In order to make use of the Deloitte DAC7 Reporting Solution businesses must sign up with Deloitte. After contracting your personalized environment will be available based on the scope of service agreed.

After submission the tax authorities make available a report stating successful submission, rejections and/or errors identified in the data. If so, information must be updated and a correction filing(s) needs to take place to correct and/or complete data.

The Deloitte DAC7 software comes with standards for data exchange and required data fields to be reported.

Our approach is both standardized and modular by which we offer an effective and efficient process tailored to your needs. In addition to the DAC7 software we can support with setting up the reporting process in full or in part in your systems.

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