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Government Grants, Credits and Incentives

Planning and executing a winning government incentives strategy

National, regional, and local governments offer a variety of tax and non-tax incentives to encourage and attract investments in innovation, research and development (R&D), infrastructure, employment expansion and sustainability. In addition, offering government grants and incentives helps nations advance a broader and more dynamic range of policy priorities. The climate change crisis, for example, has inspired several governments to offer government tax incentives in the form of trade carbon offsets or carbon credits to stimulate sustainable development and innovations that will lower emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Deloitte’s network of 1,000 specialist Government Grants, Credits and Incentives practitioners can assist in the development and execution of an effective end-to-end government incentives strategy. This includes working with you to develop internal processes and structures to analyze appropriate opportunities to assisting qualifying taxpayers to apply for and claim government grants, credits and incentives (C&I).

Global network and methodology, local translation

We are where you are. We have a dedicated Grants and Incentives team with operations around the world, with more than 200 staff in Europe and a further 600 grants and incentives specialists around the world. Our teams are based in-country, on the ground, and are able to provide tailored information to support your specific needs. We are able to provide local insights and early knowledge around changes in policy which could affect the incentive environment.

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Building internal capability to understand, analyze and capture government incentives

The ability to execute government incentives strategies—those that provide positive returns on investment—is grounded in reliable, responsive internal processes. Deloitte clients succeed at this by building their internal C&I knowledge and capabilities. This includes developing a governance structure to analyze opportunities, identify dedicated resources, integrate stakeholders in decision-making, and invest in technology to simplify and expedite C&I compliance activities.

Our team works with you to implement an effective governance structure, one that identifies C&I process owners and project managers, as well as a communications approach that provides alignment of client stakeholders that may include representatives from Tax, Government Relations, Legal, Treasury, Finance and Operations to applicable opportunities. Deloitte’s specialists collaborate with internal leaders to evaluate and quantify the impact of incentives on your broader tax, financial, and commercial goals. Deloitte’s deep technical tax knowledge combined with the sector and project experience of scientists and engineers can help highlight complications and contingencies for you to weigh prior to applying for a statutory credit, incentive, or government grant program.

Innovative technology solutions

Given the array of C&I available, leveraging technology to make the assessment, application, and the monitoring of processes more efficient is of critical importance. We have a unique, Deloitte-hosted, internet-based application (iSmart) designed to assist large companies with the collection, management, evaluation, and computation of data and information to help substantiate and manage claims and applications. Next to that we have developed RD&I Analytics to identify matching EU grants and relevant collaboration partners also outside the usual suspects.

Supporting your application and post application audit processes

Once an applicable government grant, tax credit or R&D incentive opportunity is identified, Deloitte can assist at each step of the application process, from understanding the grantor organization’s sensitivities and analyzing the application requirements to preparing compliant application documentation that makes it easier for decision makers to review and accept.Deloitte’s specialists understand that C&I programs may receive intense regulatory scrutiny. Our network includes former regulatory agency officials who have deep knowledge of regulatory processes and audits, and are committed to help taxpayers understand and navigate the regulatory environment. Deloitte may anticipate questions and concerns, and assist you in resolving issues or information requests and complying with post-application audits.Understanding the C&I ecosystem can be technically challenging and time-consuming but is well worth the effort. Jurisdictions around the world rely upon a constant stream of capital investment to strengthen their economies and advance their priorities—C&I are a key element of attracting that investment. Organizations that capture government credits and incentives expand their tax management strategies while supporting government policy priorities and necessary innovation.

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Helene Geijtenbeek

Helene Geijtenbeek


Helene is Partner in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal practice where she leads the Dutch grants, incentives and environmental taxes group. Helene’s experience in grants and incentives spans almost 20 years and ... More