Global Trade Advisory Services


Global Trade Advisory Services

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Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory specialists around the world can support you with a wide variety of customs, excise and non-fiscal advisory services to assure compliance and support in optimizing your trade organization.

Our Global Trade Advisory Services include:

Product classification

Proper classification of your product portfolio is essential in order to stay compliant with relevant customs, excise, and non-fiscal regulations and in order to optimize the duty burden of your supply chain. Unclear tariff nomenclatures and evolving products can result in uncertainty, and potentially disputes with customs authorities. It is therefore no surprise that many disputes involve product classifications.

With our industry expertise, extensive product classification experience, and strong connections with customs authorities worldwide, we are well equipped to address your product classification challenges. We offer second opinions on classifications, assistance with Binding Tariff Information requests, full-service classifications of your entire product portfolio, and tailored product classification procedures to meet your company’s needs.

Customs valuation

A well-founded, solid customs valuation of your products leads to fair customs levies upon import and avoids unwanted surprises at a later stage. With ever-changing customs valuation rules influenced by global, regional, and national political developments, it is crucial to keep a sharp focus on developments that may impact your supply chain.

At Deloitte, we have broad experience with customs valuation related matters, enabling us to guide you through the complex landscape and maintain compliance with relevant regulations while optimizing your supply chain. We offer services such as reviewing your current customs valuation set-up, assisting in the development and implementation of new customs valuation procedures, and assisting you in customs valuation alignment with customs authorities worldwide.

Origin determination

In today’s global economy, certainty about the origin of your products is more important than ever. To benefit from free trade agreements, comply with relevant regulations and navigate anti-dumping duties it is crucial to implement robust procedures for both preferential and non-preferential origin.

Our experienced professionals can provide comfort in the complicated field of origin determination. We offer advisory services regarding imminent origin-related questions and disputes as well as second opinions on origin determination procedures. We can assist with isolated matters, as well as with your long-term origin strategy. Furthermore, our digital tools can help you managing your origin related matters in a compliant and efficient manner.


Excise duties generally form a significant part of the costs of excise goods. Paying the excises, no earlier than necessary, in the correct jurisdiction, with the correct rate is therefore essential for the purpose of optimizing your cash flow and keeping up with competition. As excise related matters are often complex and very industry-specific, a deep understanding of the ecosystem in which you operate is crucial.

Our professionals can guide you through the complicated field of excise. We have years of experience with excise duties and authorizations in various industries. We can assist you in reducing risk and optimizing your supply chain, thereby smoothening your daily operations.

Customs and excise authorisation management

As a company operating on a global scale, customs and excise authorizations are vital to keep your day-to-day operations in motion. Obtaining the right authorizations, in line with the nature of your specific business, can offer great benefits as well as reduce risks and limit (administrative) burdens.

Whether you need a transit authorization for duty-free transportation within the EU, a customs warehouse authorization for duty suspension during storage, an inward processing authorization for duty-free processing of raw materials or another customs / excise authorization; you can trust our professionals to offer support with the entire process of obtaining and maintaining the relevant customs and excise authorizations.

AEO compliance

Obtaining the Authorized Economic Operator authorization (AEO) can bring significant benefits to your daily business operations. AEO is a trusted partnership between your business and customs authorities in the EU, empowering you to perform self-assessments of your customs processes. With an AEO authorization, you will experience several benefits, such as lowered guarantee amounts in relation to your customs authorizations, fewer physical customs controls, priority treatment with the remaining customs controls and prior notifications by the customs authorities to announce controls.

Deloitte’s professionals have broad experience in guiding companies through the entire process of obtaining and maintaining an AEO authorization, from evaluating customs procedures, to setting up an action plan in order to meet all relevant requirements. Furthermore, we offer tools to help assessing whether you qualify for AEO at any given time. For more information on this tool, please visit our AEO Scan web page.

Daily customs operations support

Whether your company is new in the field of global trade, or an experienced player: daily operations can always result in unforeseen and complicated queries. Deloitte’s global trade professionals can offer solid support, suitable to the specific requirements of your business so that risks are mitigated, and goods keep moving in an efficient manner.

We have extensive knowledge of global trade, and we are continuously looking for ways to use this knowledge to support your day-to-day business in a way that suits you best. See our Global Trade Operate web page for more information on specific services in this area


When being active on a global scale, stakes can be significant. As the landscape of global trade is getting more complex every year, the risk of ending up in a dispute with customs authorities cannot be precluded.

At Deloitte, we have broad experience in mediating disputes before they escalate and turn into legal procedures in court. We aim to improve the relationship between the business and the customs authorities to concordantly resolve any current and future disputes. In the unhoped-for event of a legal procedure, Deloitte can offer support in preparing a solid strategy, thereby limiting risk, and optimizing the opportunity of a good outcome.

Workshop and training opportunities

In the ever-changing landscape of regional and global trade, staying up to date is essential for the smooth functioning of your operations. Deloitte provides workshops and customized training sessions to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge on customs-related topics and ensure compliant execution of their daily work. Our training covers a wide range of areas, including customs implications for imports and exports, customs valuation, origin determination, and classification.

We also offer tailored workshops that focus on industry-specific customs elements relevant to your business. To deliver training that adds significant value, we engage in pre-discussions to understand your specific needs and expectations. By collaborating closely, we ensure that our training aligns perfectly with your requirements, empowering your team with the right skills and insights to navigate the complexities of international supply chains.


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