Global Trade Digital Services


Global Trade Digital Services

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As a business active in the field of global trade, it can be challenging to be compliant with customs, excise and non-fiscal regulations and also focus on efficiency and trade optimizations.

Our Global Trade Digital Services include:


TrackonTrade is our own designed and build customs management system that includes expert knowledge on customs, excise and international trade, combined with the required technology solutions to support compliance with the relevant legislation. The solution consists of different modules that each provide different features.

TrackonTrade automates the filing of customs and excise declarations, the administration of your customs warehouse or any other customs procedures.

Our automated solution is linked to your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, through which it is able to continuously analyze data and make calculated/automated decisions, ensuring that not more import duties than necessary are paid and customs compliance is achieved. The solution is continuously updated, thereby assuring that declarations are always compliant with the latest regulations.

The main principles of TrackonTrade are:

  • Automated decision making
  • Full package delivery (including relevant content)
  • Fully customizable to your organization


Overcome complex rules and regulations by automating your trade compliance processes with TrackonTrade. 

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TrackonTrade Origin Determination Module

The TrackonTrade Origin Determination Module is part of the TrackonTrade service package. It is developed to request for and store origin statements of purchased goods and to determine the origin of manufactured goods automatically.

The module is capable of inbound- and outbound supplier declaration management, including standardized communication in several languages. In addition, it offers an automated origin calculation that is based on article information and Bill of Materials.

The solution leads to lower compliance costs due to automation of the origin determination, as well as inbound and outbound supplier declaration requests. It also leads to increased compliance due to up-to-date origin content and automatic recalculation of the origin upon changes in the Bill of Materials. Overall, the tool offers financial and compliance benefits not only for tax departments but also for the business as a whole, due to the commercial advantage gained by the availability of proofs of origin and the corresponding risk reduction resulting from incorrect origin determinations.

Global Trade Broker Management

Our Global Trade Broker Management Module is part of the TrackonTrade service package. It is designed to help our clients to manage their brokers, it allows for manual or automatic transfer of declaration data to your brokers limiting the chance for manual errors in your declaration data. Next to interfacing the declaration data, brokers also return the supplemented declaration data to TrackonTrade, including the relevant duty amount. This facilitates having a complete control of your import and or export declaration data from one system. Advanced data analytics allow for additional insight in your declaration data. And with the added duty re-assessment module it is possible to create standardized (refund) requests, for example for reporting commodity code changes and reporting delayed proofs of preferential origin to be send to customs.

Global Trade Radar

Global Trade Radar (GTR) is an innovative solution that offers the possibility for businesses to gain insight into their multi-jurisdictional customs import profile through customs data analytics. It uses import declaration data from either the authorities, ERP systems or customs brokers to identify opportunities and compliance risks, such as inconsistent classification, potential savings by utilizing Free Trade Agreements and broker rationalization. GTR allows global management to take decisions based on import declaration data obtained from the customs authorities instead of your (brokers) internal systems.

The main benefits and features of this solution are:

  • Gain insights and identify inconsistencies between countries
  • Identify potential saving opportunities either retrospectively or prospectively
  • Correct master data
  • Implement controls and ongoing customs compliance monitoring
  • Add value to the business and supply chain
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce compliance risks

Global Delivery Center

Our Global Delivery Center, based in Hyderabad-Indi, offers 24/5 global support regarding classification, RPL Screening and Free Trade Agreement origination/solicitation. The Center is staffed with dedicated and experienced global trade experts.

The Global Delivery Center also utilizes the Trade Classifier, an automated solution, which is based on Artificial Intelligence and used to support mass classification exercises.

AEO Scan

AEO authorized companies are deemed reliable in the context of customs related operations and are therefore entitled to enjoy several direct and indirect benefits from a customs perspective.

The AEO Scan is designed to provide insight into your AEO status. This online tool simplifies the process of obtaining and retaining an AEO authorization. The AEO Scan is based on the requirements as set forth in the European customs legislation and on the AEO guidelines as published by the European Commission.

Using the AEO Scan, you will benefit from:

  • AEO compliance check before customs authorities get involved
  • Smart questioning through an online platform
  • Easily assigning of questions to relevant persons within your company
  • Process overview to facilitate process management
  • Easily understandable insight in the results by means of color coded dashboards, allowing you to benchmark different entities within your organization and identifying risk area’s
  • Auto-generated AEO Scan report

AEO Scan

Insight in your AEO compliance

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Customs Control Framework

The Customs Control Framework (CCF) is a digital offering to support businesses with managing their internal controls on a continuous basis to assure these are implemented and executed in a correct and timely manner. The tool helps businesses to perform and manage internal controls in order to detect and correct non-compliance issues. Internal control questions are automated and designed as compliance checks that can be assigned to dedicated persons in your company.

To ensure compliance with customs processes, AEO businesses are expected to implement appropriate internal controls to prevent, detect and correct (potential)compliance violations. In practice, we often see that the execution of internal controls and reporting thereof is challenging due to the lack of time and resources.

The CCF solution automates the process of performing internal controls and creates reports based on the results of the internal controls performed. These reports can be used to demonstrate customs compliance towards the customs authorities and to substantiate the required AEO monitoring.

GTA Review

The GTA review is an online solution that provides organizations accurate insights into their worldwide import profile by the use of data analytics. The solution provides a foundation for understanding, prioritizing and responding to several matters, thereby contributing to better global trade management.

The solution can be used by users to:

  • increase control on their company’s organizational structure 
  • to manage a large multinational network involved in different sections of the supply chain 
  • to obtain more insights in their organization and potential risks

Through the tool’s online environment, users will have controlled access to a set of standard region based surveys that are accessible via any secured internet connection. The solution is an automated dashboard report that shows results for the various group entities.

GTA review allows for greater transparency and visibility to accelerate mitigation plans and offers accessibility for all relevant stakeholders in one system.


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