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Preparing a company for SAF-T reporting requires the implementation of a number of initiatives across the organization – often taking place simultaneously.

We have prepared a four-step approach to how companies effectively can undergo the preparations needed to be ready to report on SAF-T format, based on our experience from SAF-T implementations in a number of Norway's largest companies. Our SAF-T experts will be able to guide your business through the entire SAF-T process from A to Z, or assist in the specific phases compiled in the overview below.

1. SAF-T: Processes and systems

An overall identification of challenges related to existing processes and systems.

  • Readiness Review
  • Quick Scan
  • Mapping of Chart of Accounts / VAT codes
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2. Selecting a SAF-T solution

Analysing the implications of choosing different solutions for generating and filing SAF-T.

  • taxCube SAF-T (taxCube is a multi-country solution that can be used in all countries with SAF-T based on the OECD standard).
  • Vendor Selection
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3. Design, development, testing and implementation

The selected SAF-T filing solution is implemented and integrated with existing processes and systems.

4. Testing / Reconciliation and analysis

Analysis of the SAF-T file increases the quality of reported data. Reconciliation of SAF-T file against VAT / CIT – return should be performed to ensure the correct data is being transmitted to the Tax Authorities.

  • Testing of the SAF-T file
  • Analysis tool
  • Reconciliation of the SAF-T file
  • Analysis
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Per Evers


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Jon Henry Askevold Rosseland


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