Securing Telcos’ 5G adoption journey

Supporting Telcos assessing their 5G security strategy

5G adoption is a non-avoidable reality. Telcos need to be aware of both the security challenges they will face as well as the opportunities ahead in order to start defining now their future 5G security strategy.

The emergence of 5G networks is likely to fuel the growth in several industries, supporting a broad set of use cases and ultimately sparking a new era of enhanced digitalization that can transform both economies and societies. This social and economic importance turns security into a paramount component that should be regarded from the beginning of the 5G transformation in order to mitigate eventual vulnerabilities and risks in networks that are expected to connect trillions of devices.

Download the white paper “Securing Telcos’ 5G adoption journey” and learn all about the key security challenges that should be tackled by Telcos during the 5G transformation while exploring the security related opportunities that are enabled. The document also provides a high level perspective on Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE) and Cybersecurity teams methodology to support Telcos successfully navigating through this journey in a ‘secure-by-design’ manner, thus tackling security weaknesses from Day 1 and enabling a secure 5G paradigm.


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