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The age of Telecom Network Automation

Automating Engineering and Network Operation RAN Processes in a world moving to 5G

We are in the dawn of a new era regarding telecommunications networks’ reality, in which automation will eventually become the fundamental pilar to face the challenges of increased complexity and changing business models while easing investment and operational restrictions.

Our specialists believe that we are in the dawn of a new reality in Telecom networks, and not another incremental step or evolution: in a world moving to 5G, automation is key, as well as choosing the right use cases, defining the automation building blocks, learning from the early adopters and having a solid approach that will allow businesses to start their transformational journey.

Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (Tee CoE) has been working with multiple operators across the world and, together with partners Cellwize and TUPL, experts in network automation and telecommunications, has been developing real use cases to bring tangible and impactful benefits for the network, from network engineering to network & service operations. The whitepaper “The Age of Telecom Network Automation” provides a view on automation, with a focus on Radio Access Network, as well as presenting the proposed methodology to address the challenges that arise from this new Telecom era towards 5G.

We are facing a challenge that goes beyond technology. Companies will have to transform internally, creating and maintaining an open mentality, sharing responsibilities between IT and Networks teams or thinking in organization-wide automation use cases. Deloitte Telecom Engineering Centre of Expertise structured approach is focused on a fluid agile-based, intelligently phased implementation with the technical backing necessary to comfortably work on a broad spectrum of environments with different needs. Ensure your place in the future of flexible digital providers and start your journey now.

“The Age of the Telecom Network Automation” is destined to anyone interested in Telecom Networks engineering, operations, customer care automation and network evolution towards a 5G era.

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Automation Strategy
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Automation Transformation Management
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Automation Deployment
CSPs need to digitalize network operations and engineering end to end, and deploy the right Automation frameworks and use cases needed to deliver the intended automation value. Delivering automation use cases to boost efficiency, accuracy and consistency for network service assurance, engineering & operations, while abstracting the underlying network complexities and vendor specificities.


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