The synergies and challenges addressed by the joint partnership established between Deloitte and AlgoSec

Learn more about the benefits and the main challenges addressed by Deloitte’s EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE) and AlgoSec, one of the reference Firewall Security Management solutions available in the market.

Back in November 2020, the EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE) of Deloitte have entered into an alliance with AlgoSec, the provider of the best* Firewall Security Management Solution, in order to establish a network protection transformation approach to safeguard clients and business against complex threats and attacks.

Deloitte EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE) simplifies the adoption process of AlgoSec solutions, focusing on delivering business process transformation, business and technical advisory and project management to ensure reliability and sustainability on the proposed capabilities.

Deloitte and AlgoSec have proven their combined value on a major network transformation, where:

+ 7,000 rules were assessed;

+ 200 firewalls were on boarded to AlgoSec tool;

150 firewalls were cleaned-up;

15 processes were uplifted;

Moreover, new capabilities were created and operational readiness was achieved with improved efficiency and automation.

With this combined offer, TEE’s team expects to support their clients by improving their Network Security, mitigating network risks and enhancing their key capabilities to ensure a sustainable transformation of their business.

Download the EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE) latest brochure and learn more about the main challenges of the established joint between Deloitte and AlgoSec.

*AlgoSec is the best Firewall Security Management Solution according to IT Central Station reviews and rankings.

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