VAT automation


VAT Automation

Combining indirect tax technical, technology, and industry experience, we help organizations embedding technology to create opportunities for improved insight, data alignment, efficiencies, and transparency over their indirect tax affairs.

In an increasingly demanding global environment, managing tax responsibilities and planning for tax issues is becoming more complex.

Over the years, we have invested in developing the multifaceted skill sets required to be a key partner when it comes to defining VAT strategy, helping businesses select and implement the right supportive technology and providing rollout support aligned with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our services include:

D.Tax is a dedicated program designed for the automation of recurring Romanian VAT compliance reporting obligations.

D.Tax is designed and adjusted ultimately according to our client’s management needs, with due consideration to the particular business profile of the company, scope and variety of VAT-able activities.

Indirect Tax Data Analytics

Stricter regulatory environments and the evolving use of e-audit by tax authorities are leading businesses to seek more visibility and control over their indirect tax profile and compliance processes. Data analytics tools and techniques can help companies to better understand their indirect tax position as well as identify hidden risks and opportunities.

Tax Enabled ERP

We provide design and implementation support to help businesses integrate indirect tax requirements into their ERP systems to improve control over tax data, manage potential risks and enhance efficiency of business processes.

Indirect Tax Review

Indirect Tax Review employs Indirect Tax Review Smart technology to facilitate consistent diagnosis of indirect tax risks and opportunities across multiple jurisdictions. The technology is scalable and can be applied to any size of business.