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Global Rewards Updates

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Recent alerts

November 2017: United States Global Rewards Update

Tax Reform - Proposed Legislation and Focus on Employee Share Plans

October 2017: Belgium Global Rewards Update

Tax reporting and withholding in Belgium

September 2017: South Africa Global Rewards Update

South Africa – New tax directive application form introduced for employee share plans

Archive alerts

August 2017: France Global Rewards Update

I. Withholding tax reform postponed to January 1, 2019
II. Refund of employer social contribution paid at grant of qualified awards
III. Estate & investment income tax reform as from 2018

June 2017: United Kingdom Global Rewards Update

United Kingdom - extension of UK share plan return deadline for 2016/2017

June 2017: New Zealand Global Rewards Update

Determining "value" of shares received under employee share plans

May 2017: Ukraine Global Rewards Update

New Decree Impacting License Requirements for Ukrainian Residents

May 2017: European Union Global Rewards Update

A Relaxation of Restrictions Imposed on the Employee Share Scheme Exemption

April 2017: Colombia Global Rewards Update

New Legislation Surrounding Share-Based Incentive Plans

March 2017: Romania Global Rewards Update

Changes to the definition of a Stock Option Plan

March 2017:  Global Share Plans portal Global Rewards Update

Introducing the global share plans portal

March 2017: Canada Global Rewards Update

Quebec - Increased deduction for qualifying stock options of large publicly traded companies

February 2017: Belgium Global Rewards Update

Expanded scope of the Belgian stock exchange tax

February 2017: France Global Rewards Update

Constitutional challenge to employer social contribution paid at grant for free share awards (RSUs)

February 2017: Netherlands Global Rewards Update

Favorable tax treatment of stock options for employees of innovative start-ups

January 2017: United Kingdom Global Rewards Update

Implications of withholding errors on equity income

January 2017: France Global Rewards Update

Final Adoption of New Free Share Taxation Regime by French Parliament

December 2016: Year End Share Plan Reporting Global Rewards Update

Notable Year-End Stock Plan Reporting Requirements

December 2016: China Global Rewards Update

People's Republic of China - Favorable tax treatment extended to more equity compensation plans / contributions of technology

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