Petroleum Services Group

Deloitte's Petroleum Services Group provides decision support and advisory services support for the oil and gas industry

Forming part of Deloitte's Energy & Resources group, the Petroleum Services Group draws upon the expertise of over 7,000 energy professionals in all corners of the world.

Services offered include:

  • Information solutions - A suite of subscription-based tools enabling users to visualise oil and gas information from spatial, financial and reporting perspectives.
  • Advisory services - Targeted advisory services designed to help industry players anticipate and adapt to the challenges of ever-changing regulatory, political, economic and technical environments.
  • On-call - A pay-as-you-go research service providing clients with direct access to our team of consultants and information solutions.
  • Industry training - A series of industry focused courses to help professionals better understand key aspects of the oil and gas sector. 

Visit the Petroleum Services Group website for more insight into the range of services offered.