Information for Ukrainian citizens on entry and stays / residence in the Slovak Republic 

Important information and most frequently asked questions for Ukrainian citizens concerning entry and stays / residence procedures in the Slovak Republic

Important note: the information contained in the following article was updated on 28 March 2022 and is regularly updated.

Entry to the Slovak Republic

Where and when can I enter the Slovak Republic from Ukraine? 

The Vyšné Nemecké, Ubľa and Veľké Slemence border crossings are open 24 hours a day. To speed up the administrative processes, hotspots have been set up near the border crossings. Ukrainian citizens can apply for temporary refuge at the large-capacity centres in Bratislava, Humenné, Michalovce and Nitra, which are open 24 hours a day, or at any Foreign Police department, depending on their place of residence. The Foreign Police departments are no longer open 24 hours a day for registering applications for temporary refuge. They are now accepting applications from 7:00 to 19:00.  

From 23 March 2022, the Foreign Police will no longer only handle Ukrainian citizens seeking temporary refuge, and will also accept applications such as:

1. Applications for temporary residence for the purpose of employment.

2. Applications for the issuance of a residence permit for drivers of international trucks or buses, whose validity has been extended due to the crisis situation caused by the spread of COVID-19, or by the war in Ukraine.

You can find more information about what can be handled at specific Foreign Police departments on the website of the Ministry of Interior. 

In the above cases, please use the booking system of the Foreign Police, otherwise your application will not be processed.

For other important life situations, it is possible to request an exemption at the Directorate of the Foreign Police from having to submit such an application at the relevant Foreign Police department. Such a request must be duly justified.

Who can enter the Slovak Republic?

Persons fleeing the war in Ukraine, with the exception of men aged 18-60, who may not leave the country due to the mobilization in Ukraine. The mobilization obligation does not apply to all Ukrainian men, for example, a man caring for more than 3 children under the age of 18, or raising a child / children under the age of 18 as a single parent may leave Ukraine.

Can Ukrainian citizens enter the Slovak Republic without a visa?

Yes. Ukrainian citizens with a biometric passport may enter the Slovak Republic under the visa free travel regime. The maximum length of visa-free stay is 90 days in any 180-day period.

Can I enter the Slovak Republic without a biometric passport?

Yes. Currently, entry is also possible for persons who do not have a valid travel document (biometric passport), after an individual assessment. If you have another identification document (ID card, driver's license, birth certificate, etc), it is recommended to have this with you.

What are my responsibilities after entering the Slovak Republic?

Registration at the relevant department of the Foreign Police is required within 3 working days from entry. The original of a completed and signed "Notice of stay" form must be delivered to the competent department of the Foreign Police (you may also send it by post, in which case we recommend sending it with a delivery note). The form can be found, here: Notice of stay

Is it possible to apply for a visa / residence permit in Ukraine?

The Slovak embassy has moved from Kyiv (Kyjev) to Uzhhorod (Užhorod). As of 24 March 2022, the embassy will function fully and carry out standard diplomatic activities. Despite this, the authorities recommend leaving Ukraine and submitting an application at the relevant departments of the Foreign Police in Slovakia.

Is it possible to apply for a visa / residence permit in the Slovak Republic?

Yes. If you are legally present in the Slovak Republic, you may apply for a temporary residence permit at the relevant department of the Foreign Police (the jurisdiction is determined by the place at which you are living), and the Foreign Police is currently giving priority to applications for temporary residence for the purpose of employment. If you have already been granted temporary residence in the Slovak Republic, you may also extend its duration at the relevant department of the Foreign Police under a standard procedure, once the situation permits it. 

What happens after the expiration of 90 days under the visa free travel regime?

If you have entered the Slovak Republic legally, you are entitled to stay in Slovakia until 1 month after the crisis situation has been revoked. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis situation is currently still in force in the Slovak Republic.

If I came to Slovakia before the outbreak of the war and I am not a citizen of Ukraine, what is my situation?

Extraordinary provisions related to the crisis situation also apply to you. If you have entered Slovakia legally, you are entitled to stay in Slovakia until one month after the crisis situation is revoked. If you were not able to submit an application for renewal of your residence, or your application has not yet been decided on, your residence is considered legal in the Slovak Republic until two months after the revocation of the crisis situation. An amendment to the Act on Foreigners will address the emergency situation in connection with the mass influx of refugees into the Slovak Republic caused by the military conflict in Ukraine.

What are the current measures in Slovakia in connection with COVID-19?

People coming from Ukraine do not need to register as regards COVID-19 on the website Nor are they subject to isolation / quarantine obligations, and they do not require a test, confirmation of vaccination, or confirmation about overcoming COVID-19. In Slovakia, the obligation to cover the nose and mouth with a respirator / face mask applies.  

Can pets be brought into Slovakia?

Yes. Pets may be brought into Slovakia without a passport and the required vaccinations. A form must be completed at the border crossing. The form is also available online: Travelling with animals

Stays / residence in the Slovak Republic

Where can I find information on stays and residency?

We recommend these websites:

We also recommend the Facebook pages of the Ministry of Interior of the SR (Ministerstvo vnútra SR) and the Slovak Police (Polícia Slovenskej republiky).

What are my options as regards stays / residence in Slovakia?

A short-term stay of up to 90 days is permitted under the visa free travel regime.After these 90 days have elapsed (or during that time), you have the following options:

  • Application for temporary or permanent residence in Slovakia
  • Application for temporary refuge
  • Application for international protection (asylum, subsidiary protection)

Temporary residence

Applications can be made for temporary residence for a specific purpose, ie employment, business, study, intra-company transfer (ICT), EU Blue Card, or family reunification. The purpose of an intended stay must be legally documented (eg by employment contract, employment offer, extract from the Business Register of the SR, marriage certificate). You must also submit other documents, eg an extract from the criminal register with an apostille, documentation as regards financial security, and proof of accommodation in Slovakia.

Permanent residence

You may apply for permanent residence if you are a spouse or direct dependent of a Slovak citizen with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. The Foreign Police will issue a permanent residence for 5 years. After 4 years of residence, you will be granted permanent residence for an indefinite period.

Temporary refuge

From 1 March 2022, Ukrainian citizens (and their family members) may apply for
temporary refuge. A family member is defined as a spouse, a minor, a parent of a minor, and other close relatives who lived with the citizen in the same household at the time of the circumstances surrounding the mass influx of foreigner citizens and was wholly or partly dependent on them. From 17 March 2022, the Slovak government expanded the circle of persons who can apply for temporary refuge in Slovakia. The following persons will also be able to request temporary refuge:

  • Foreigner citizens who are not Ukrainian citizens and have international protection or equivalent national protection granted in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and their family members if the family lived in Ukraine before 24 February 2022;
  • Foreigner citizens who were granted permanent residence in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and cannot return to their country or region of origin under stable and secure conditions.

Recommended steps for applying for temporary refuge:

  1. You must complete a “Declaration of a foreign citizen” at a Foreign Police department or large-capacity centre. This declaration may also be completed electronically in advance, here: Registration of temporary refuge  
  2. After completing the electronic form, you must still visit the relevant Foreign Police department, or one of the large-capacity registration centres.
  3. If you complete your data online in advance, this will speed up the administrative process (but it does not mean that you will have priority during a personal visit).
  4. The Foreign Police will immediately issue you the document “Certificate
    of tolerated stay marked 'Odídenec'”.

Temporary refuge status grants prompt and unrestricted access to the labour market, healthcare, and education for children. The Foreign Police departments (and other workplaces, ie the large-capacity centres) are accepting requests for temporary refuge non-stop, even at the weekends, 24 hours a day. If you have your identification document with you, temporary refuge will be granted immediately. If you do not have the required ID document, your application will be decided on within 30 days.

Temporary refuge will be granted until March 2023. This period may be automatically extended by six months to one year, unless the Council of the European Union decides otherwise.

The provision of temporary refuge does not apply to Ukrainian citizens who have already been granted residence in Slovakia, to asylum seekers, or persons who have already obtained asylum or subsidiary protection.

Leaving the Slovak Republic will not affect your status as a temporary refuge.

Further information can be found here: Temporary refuge

Am I obliged to apply for temporary refuge?

No, applications for temporary refuge are voluntary.

International protection (asylum, subsidiary protection)

During the current situation, we recommend you apply for temporary refuge rather than asylum or subsidiary protection, as this involves less processing time and administration.

Can I work while my application for residency is being considered?

No. To work in Slovakia, you require a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment / intra-company transfer / EU blue card. If you apply for temporary refuge status, you may start working immediately after it has been granted.

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