Commercial Law and M&A

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our acquisition team comprises of experts with long-term experience in major and highly-complex acquisitions. We support and advise our clients from the very inception of the transaction “ie from the outline of the basic acquisition concept“ through the strategic planning and legal due diligence stages, the preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation and post-acquisition steps. Through cooperation with experts from Deloitte´s other functions, we are able to provide a wide range of integrated services covering all aspects of the transactions, both within the Slovak Republic and internationally.

Corporate Restructurings

Our corporate team has implemented a number of corporate restructurings and mergers for clients, both within the Slovak Republic and across borders. We guarantee minimal financial costs and time investment, standardised requirements for supporting documentation, and an effective analytical process in the legal due duligence and contractual documentation preparation phase: these practices markedly reduce the time spent by the client´s management on the related steps.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Should you wish to commence business operations in the Slovak Republic, or have already begun to conduct business here, your decisions will be subject to legal regulations that govern corporate law. If you need not only assurance of your compliance with these legal regulations but also advice on how to utilise them to fulfil your business plans, contact our experienced lawyers they will recommend a solution that best reflects your needs and will provide specialist advice in all areas of corporate law.

Corporate governance and management liability

Recently the pressure to comply with corporate governance policies has intensified not only in respect of the operation and competencies of company bodies, but also with regard to creditors, shareholders, auditors and a wide range of other matters. We are able to establish an efficient system of rules for corporate governance as well as reporting duties in accordance with the latest European developments. We help our clients enhance transparency and foster the trust of clients, shareholders, the general public and the state through compliance with the highest standards and the fulfilment of all duties and obligations to the relevant authorities.

Law of Obligations

Robust contractual documentation is the foundation of a successful business practice in all sectors. If you wish to develop your business without incurring any unpleasant surprises, suffering the consequences of unfair practices on the part of your business partners, or facing sanctions from state authorities, pay close attention to your obligations. It is also in your interest to secure the bestpossible contractual position within the boundaries of the valid rules. We offer the preparation or review of all full contractual documentation used by your company and your general contractual conditions. As a result of the increasing legal protection for consumers and the related risks for companies, we recommend a thorough review of the documents and procedures that you use in this area.

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