Labour Law and Personal Data Protection

Labour Law

Services predominantly include legal reviews, assistance in employee recruitment or secondments, preparation and review of all types of employment contracts and a company´s internal regulations, advisory in employee remuneration and the provision of benefits. In addition, the services also involve assistance in restructuring and organisational changes, and dealing with the related impacts on its employees, advisory in transfers of employees to another employer and the discontinuation of employment (including mass dismissals), dealing with labour unions (including collective negotiation) and representation in legal disputes. Our labour law experts frequently participate in specialist conferences and publish articles in the media.

Personal Data Protection

We have experiences with personal data protection and possess unique know-how in this area. Our legal services primarily involve reviewing personal data processing for compliance with the relevant legal regulations, legal advisory in the international transmission of personal data and protection thereof, preparation of documents required to process and retain the personal data of employees, customers and/or suppliers, and representing companies in dealings with the Personal Data Protection Office.

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