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How much does housing cost in Europe?

The publications provide summary information on property prices in selected European countries.


Slovaks need 10.6x their annual gross salary to buy a new 70 m² apartment. Slovakia and Austria tied for 3rd and 4th in the affordability of housing ranking. Bratislava saw the highest year-on-year change in the prices of new apartments of all capital cities (+13%).

The latest study, which analysed 24 European countries, found that Austria is the most expensive country to buy a new property in, at almost EUR 4 500/m². The most affordable country is Bulgaria, where new housing costs are less than EUR 580/m². Owning an apartment is most expensive for Serbians, who have to pay 15.2x their annual gross salary for an apartment with an area of 70 m². The Irish have it easiest, and need about 3 years’ salary for the same size apartment. 

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Bulgaria has the lowest prices of new apartments at EUR 550/m². The most expensive country in the Property Index is Luxembourg where prices exceed EUR 7 100/m². Paris is the most expensive European city for buying an apartment (EUR 12 863/m²).

For the fourth year in a row, Czechs are in the unpopular first place in the ranking of (un)affordability of housing. They have to pay 11.4x their annual gross salary for a 70 m² apartment. Although housing is more affordable for Slovaks than Czechs, 9.9x the annual gross salary is still needed to buy 70 m² in Slovakia.

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Czechs must save longest to buy their property. They need up to 11.2x their annual gross salary to buy a 70 m² apartment.  Apartment prices in Prague increased by 22% year-on-year, the largest increase of all analysed capital cities.

The Portuguese have the most affordable housing: they need to save for 3.8 years to buy a new 70 m² property. With a price of EUR 1 088 per m², Portugal is also the cheapest of all the countries in the study. The most expensive countries in the ranking are Norway and France, where the price of a new property exceeds EUR 4 000/m².

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