TMT Predictions 2012


TMT Predictions 2012

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Our aim with Predictions is to catalyze discussions around significant developments that may require companies or governments to respond.

This marks the eleventh anniversary of Deloitte’s Predictions. What started in 2001 with ten predictions about mobile telephony has evolved and grown into one of Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications group’s most anticipated research publications, covering all three converging industries.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2012

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Listen as leaders in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry talk about what’s ahead for 2012.

TMT Predictions 2012 podcast

Technology Predictions 2012

How will the global economy impact consumer tech spending? Will big data be a big deal? Are hard times ahead for the hard disk, and what is "scatter cushion computing"? Read the report to explore:

  • Hard times for the hard drive: solid state storage surges
  • It takes two to tablet: the rise of the multi-tablet owner
  • Ambient radio frequency power harvesting: a drop in the bucket
  • Billions and billions: big data becomes a big deal
  • 3D Printing is here – but the factory in every home isn’t here yet!
  • Consumer tech demand defies the economic headwinds
TMT Technology Predictions 2012

Media Predictions 2012

Will social gaming companies evolve away from the 'freemium' model? Will online brand advertising boom? What factors are contributing to the 'catch-up commuter' phenomenon?  Read the report to explore:

  • Targeted television advertisements miss the target
  • The schedule dominates, still
  • A 'brand' new day for online ads
  • Market research is all in your head: MRI machines and media
  • Extracting the premium from social games
  • Online coupon intermediaries: from novelty, to celebrity, to sizeable niche
  • All aboard for the catch-up commuter thanks to the portable DVR
TMT Media Predictions 2012

Telecommunications Predictions 2012

Will NFC go mainstream for payments and more? What factors will fuel the rise of the $100 smartphone? Is it the end of the (wire)line for all-you-can-eat data offers? Read the report to explore:

  • 100 dollar smartphone
  • NFC and mobile devices: payments and more
  • So many apps – so little to download
  • Web bypass: delivering connectivity without the Internet
  • Here come more data caps: it’s the end of the (wire)line for unlimited Internet
TMT Telecommunications Predictions 2012
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