Dual video screening readies for prime time

TMT Media Predictions 2013

Deloitte predicts that in 2013, about ten percent of households in developed countries, and about three percent of households in developing countries, will dual video screen their television consumption on a monthly basis.

A note from the authors

The key driver for dual video screening is simple: just one television stream may be insufficient for the person or people in the room. There are likely to be two main reasons for that being the case:

• household members like to spend time together and one solution is to watch two separate programs and that is most easily achieved on two screens

• people consume more of a particular piece of content in which multiple simultaneous events might have a bearing on the outcome of the principal video stream

For those who think that having multiple screens in a room is too intrusive, tolerance of TV’s physical impact in the home is remarkably high and is growing; we accommodate what we find valuable. Read the Predictions to explore more.

TMT Predictions 2013: Dual video screening readies for prime time

What do the TMT Predictions 2013 authors mean by dual video screening and what does Deloitte predicts for 2013? What key factors are driving dual video screening, and what other interesting trends or applications emerge as we take a deeper look at dual video screening?



Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research, Deloitte Canada, and co-author of TMT Predictions.

Paul Lee, Head of Global TMT Research, co-author of TMT Predictions.



Stephen Heasley, Global Online Communications, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

TMT Predictions 2013: Dual video screening readies for prime time
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