TMT Telecommunications Predictions 2013

Deloitte predicts that in 2013 between 50 and 100 mobile operators will offer all-you-can-eat services with unlimited access to specific applications. All-you-can-app (AYCA) will, for a fixed monthly subscription, offer unrestricted use of each service’s content, with connectivity charges bundled in.

A note from the authors

In 2013 AYCA services will be aimed primarily at customers interested in, but hesitant about, mobile data usage, due to worries about running up large data charges. These will mostly be the hundreds of millions of users currently migrating or recently migrated to smartphones. Further, AYCA may be popular in countries with low income levels, where they will aim to stimulate usage of mobile data services.

It is a good time to introduce AYCA: the majority of mobile customers have yet to move to smartphones, and predictability in pricing should provide sufficient reassurance to try out mobile data services. Further, the technological tools needed to deploy AYCA are increasingly economically viable. Read the report to explore more.


The TMT Predictions 2013 co-authors discuss which customers might be most drawn to AYCA services and, conversely, who might not be a good fit.



Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research, Deloitte Canada, and co-author of TMT Predictions.

Paul Lee, Head of Global TMT Research, co-author of TMT Predictions.


Stephen Heasley, Global Online Communications, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

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