Smartphones ship a billion but usage becomes simpler

TMT Telecommunications Predictions 2013

In 2013, Deloitte predicts that global shipments of smartphones, defined as any device with a full touch screen or a QWERTY keyboard, should exceed one billion units for the first time. The installed base of all smartphones, per this definition, is likely to be close to two billion devices by year-end.

A note from the authors

Smartphone owners should not be considered homogenous. Even across the same model, usage is likely to vary considerably. Key recommendations are:

• Operators should encourage those currently refusing or reluctant to use data services to try them out

• App developers should determine where they should best focus their development resources

• Retailers and content companies should determine how their addressable market may vary by phone model or operating system

• Smartphone vendors should determine how best to differentiate their products with target clients who are unlikely to use data services

• Carriers should continue to build out data ready networks in the developing world

Smartphones have been a phenomenal success and are likely to remain so in 2013. However while smartphones’ shipments and installed base should continue to grow, they are likely to be used in different ways by different users. Read the report to explore more.

Smartphones ship a billion but usage becomes simpler

Smartphones are clearly still a hot topic in telecommunications: what does Deloitte predict for 2013? What are some reasons for such varied usage patterns among smartphone owners? What are some recommendations for industry players like retailers and app developers?



Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research, Deloitte Canada, and co-author of TMT Predictions.

Paul Lee, Head of Global TMT Research, co-author of TMT Predictions.


Stephen Heasley, Global Online Communications, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Smartphones ship a billion but usage becomes simpler
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