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Alumni profiles

Inspiring leaders

Across the globe, Deloitte alumni have exciting stories to share as they continue to make an impact that matters. Through video and written profiles, we applaud their accomplishments.

Deloitte India Alumni

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Gemma García Godall

Founding partner of the Institute of Emotional Intelligence, Alumna Gemma García Godall tells us how happy people are the key for a company to grow and work.

Ewa Banachowicz

Now a Business Development Director at Konica Minolta, Ewa focuses on internal consulting for the Polish unit, and sometimes also for the subregion. She deals with all strategic issues but also optimization of processes, reorganization of particular functions. Learn more about her role and her experience with Deloitte Consulting

Mike Barrington

From an auditor in London to being involved in creating Deloitte’s presence in the Polish market, Mike is a true advocate for the opportunities that Deloitte offers both professionally and personally and offers his advice to those considering joining Deloitte. "Your future success is in your hands, be bold and take advantage of the opportunity to be successful," says Mike.

Carlos Giménez

Carlos Giménez understands the paradigm shift that is occurring in learning as collaborative learning reaches companies. He is now embarking on a pioneering startup, Biz Blue Bottle, the first online collaborative learning platform in Spain.

Julia Kassam

Julia Kassam’s career has been driven by equal parts passion and tenacity, traits that have driven her success since working in Deloitte’s Consulting practice. She is now the Head of Listings at Aequitas NEO Exchange, Canada’s new stock exchange, where she works to build relationships with potential issuers and expand the NEO Exchange’s reach into the investment community.

Richard Mathews
New Zealand

From an auditor in Deloitte Christchurch to CEO of the world’s largest publicly listed independent group of mining technical experts, this is one alumni at the top of his game. And while many at his level employ a cut-throat attitude, this man is full of generousity and gratitude both for his time at Deloitte and the position he currently holds.

Antonio Noblejas

The many years Antonio Noblejas spent as an auditor at Deloitte taught him much of what he now applies as the CEO of the School of Entrepreneurs where entrepreneurship, leadership, and culture of effort is encouraged in order to strengthen the Valencian business network. He says, “Auditors have a great responsibility for the importance our work has on customers and financial markets. In education you also have a high responsibility because it is a basic factor for the development of a society.”

Deborah Starkman

Deborah Starkman is happy to have found a place where she can be herself at work. “I have a big personality,” she laughs. Today she is the CFO of GMP Capital Inc., one of Canada’s leading independent investment dealers, a role she thinks suits her, noting “you can’t be a wallflower in this industry.”

Martin Supancic

Can you imagine buying a home using virtual reality? And not just buying it, walking through it, seeing your design, checking the space? Alumn Martin Supancic and startup VR-Immersive are applying technology to real immersive virtual reality world. The result is surprising.

Don Wilks
United States

When alumnus Don Wilks left his role as Deloitte’s National Director of Business Insurance Consulting, his plan was to travel the world. But spending time with a Nepalese college student, during a hike to Mt. Everest’s base camp, led him to pursue another passion – building primary and secondary schools in remote areas of Nepal.

Sam Wong

“I’m not successful,” Sam Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Samina Capital, says. “Yet.” It may seem like an odd statement from the 30-year-old leader but it sums up his ambitions. Despite owning his own financial services consulting firm and serving as the CFO of six junior mining companies, Sam nevertheless feels he still hasn’t quite made it.

Grzegorz Zawada

Grzegorz started with Deloitte as a Senior Associate in Financial Advisory Services and is currently working in the capital market as CFO of the Polish Development Fund. He views the greatest value of working at Deloitte as being the exposure to global companies and encourages others to be patient and consistent in the pursuit of self-improvement.

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