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Career Journey: Kanchan Awasthi

Learning takes on a new flavor

A friendly and fun-loving person who loves to whip up desserts and cook up a storm. She has been with Deloitte for more than nine years serving Global Tax. She has a diverse education background which includes degrees in mass communication and biochemistry.

How do you describe what you do at Deloitte to friends and family?

In my current role, I work with different people, groups and teams. Most of the time I act as a coordinator to get the work done. To my family and friends, I call myself a liaison and an integrator. My role demands to see how the pieces fit in and at the same time hold them together. I am good at networking and that really works in my favor in managing day to day responsibilities and getting my tasks done efficiently and effectively.


What do you find most satisfying and meaningful about your career at Deloitte?

There are various things that I can think of. However, the outstanding one which I am sure most professionals will agree is Learning. In the last decade, I have changed multiple roles, one thing that stayed with me throughout is the learning associated with each role. Where most companies invest in tangible compensation, Deloitte also invests a lot in the form of learning for grooming our professionals towards a successful career. This is not only satisfying, it’s more rewarding and significant. This investment is a lifelong reward for me.

In your own words, how would you describe Deloitte’s distinctive culture?

I believe Deloitte is a very different organization. Our culture is what differentiates us. It is built on inclusion and collaboration along with other attributes. We at Deloitte emphasize on ensuring everyone is made to feel as a part of the team and are given an opportunity to contribute. There are many things that differentiate us in the business. Two values that I always admire in our organization the most are ‘Trust’ and ‘Commitment to each other’. This is my first organization where a lot of trust halts with the professionals. We own our actions and decisions. Another one of my favorites is ‘Commitment to each other’. There are various scenarios where I found myself in a fix and someone stood by and helped me as an informal coach to make the right decision. In any organization, the supervisors’ role is to guide the team members and invest in their growth. However, in Deloitte many a times, there are different professionals who invest in us and guide us as an informal coach to make the right choices for a strong and fulfilling career journey.

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