Somerset House

Technology promised us efficiency and convenience beyond our wildest dreams. But has it advanced without consequence?

In 2019, inspired by the major Somerset House exhibition 24/7, we instigated a series of activities to examine this very topic. The goal was to explore the impacts of technology on our mental health and wellbeing. We also asked what purpose it should serve in our increasingly digital lives.

Supporting our people

Why it is important to us…

Alongside our One Million Futures charity partner Mind, activity included opening up our Deloitte London Ventures Lab to brainstorm about future opportunities that technology can present to business. We discussed how to get the balance right in order to thrive in a digital world. We also hosted an important panel session with our own Deloitte Mental Health Champions. The honest session centred on how to help identify and support colleagues, friends and loved ones with mental health challenges.

24/7, a wake-up call for our non-stop world

In support of Somerset House’s exhibition entitled 24/7, we encouraged our people to put their laptops on sleep mode for a screen-free lunch hour. We invited them to go and check out the exhibition while interacting with fellow colleagues.

The artists' installations challenged our perceptions of technology as a force for good and they explored its impact on our mental health and wellbeing - from sleep to social interaction. With light installations and interactive exhibits, the multi-sensory exhibition proved to be a serious reality-check, encouraging everyone to take time out to switch off once in a while.

The 24/7 exhibition is running until 23 February 2020.

Want to hear more?

Our firmwide podcast, The Green Room, turned techy recently and questioned 'is technology really making our lives better?' The podcast features 24/7 Curator Sarah Cook and our Head of Global Research for Technology, Media and Telecommunications Paul Lee and Libby Cousins, a partner at Deloitte Digital UK. Together, their insights covered everything from data security to online vegetable box orders. Listen here.

Want to read more about Digital Wellbeing? Check out our 2019 Deloitte Mobile Consumer report.

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