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Global Mobility Lab

Identify gaps, key actions and the path ahead

A leading multinational banking and financial services holding company requested assistance in formalising the future strategy of their global mobility programme and assistance in restructuring following an internal review. Deloitte hosted an interactive lab with the client in order to better understand their current state, reflect and review on outcomes from their recent internal review, and consider further opportunities for optimisation.

Company overview and objectives

A multinational banking and financial services company was looking to enhance their mobility operations, improve the brand of mobility for employees and the business, as well as transform their policy framework to be better suited to the talent and business requirements.


The client challenges

Talent and Mobility alignment: Low levels of alignment between Mobility and Talent where policies were outdated and did not allow for flexibility or for the increasing types of moves.

Collaboration: Collaboration between mobility and the business’ HR Business Partners was limited. Mobility needed to be more proactive and deliberate in their approach to enhance the “value-add” of Mobility.

Tracking and reporting: Little reporting and tracking is currently completed around costs and compliance risks and, where it is completed, it is not proactively shared with business.


Deloitte approach

By both utilising our market-leading Greenhouse Lab space and applying Deloitte’s innovative methodology, the client were able to compare and contrast the current state of their Mobility programme with best market practice before building a future vision with achievable actions and path to follow.


The results

By bringing together the key stakeholders within Mobility to take time out of business as usual and benchmark the current Mobility programme, it allowed the group to view their challenges from another perspective. Deloitte were able to provide market insights and compare their ideas for the future against our experiences with other clients in the industry.

The success of this working session led to Deloitte supporting the organisation with developing a new policy framework. In addition, we are supporting the client with their Brexit strategy as well as discussing the approach to their short term business visitor challenges.

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