The chief data officer in government: A CDO Playbook 2023

Since 2018, data has become increasingly important to public sector mission performance. As the role of data has expanded, so too has the role of chief data officers (CDOs). No longer just technical leaders, CDOs increasingly play a core mission role in their organizations.

But a new role demands new tools—tools this playbook intends to introduce.

Setting future state priorities

As CDOs consider the future, they should embrace both offensive priorities that support mission activities, as well as defensive priorities that protect the quality and availability of data.

Designing for the journey ahead

The journey to achieving any strategic vision is a long one, and for CDOs, it is a journey that is best walked with others.

Driving the journey forward

What will the next five years look like for CDOs? The future is uncertain, but by having the right skills and the right technical concepts, CDOs can be ready for whatever lies ahead.

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This playbook brings together perspectives to help CDOs build the technical, organizational, financial, and even personal skills to help public sector organizations better meet their mission with data. Click here to find our previous playbooks.

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