Policy administration transformation

Driving the change agenda

​Learn how Deloitte sets itself apart as a leader in unlocking the business potential of a policy administration transformation.

Ignite a strategic PAS transformation

​Ask a carrier why they are replacing, or thinking of replacing their current policy administration system.  They will tell you that their current policy administration technology is old and difficult to maintain or the company has too many existing policy administration systems and needs to simplify. While those statements may be true, these reasons alone are typically not enough to justify the significant investment and commitment required to implement a new policy administration system.  It is only when the technology can no longer support current or future business objectives, or when an aging system becomes incredibly expensive to maintain that one should consider a policy administration replacement.
Deloitte’s global leadership and demonstrated approach to policy administration transformation have successfully guided organizations to execute large-scale and complex plans. Deloitte leads the way in product design, distribution, underwriting, systems architecture and development, advanced analytics and project management making our management of policy administration transformation one of the most respected in the industry.

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