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International Association of Insurance Supervisors updates collection

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The regulatory landscape for insurers continues to be challenging and evolving. Follow Deloitte’s International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) updates covering the IAIS meetings, highlighting key regulatory activities, committees, working groups, and task forces for insurers to stay ahead of regulatory trends and discussions.

2019 annual conference

Hosted by the Insurance Authority, the 26th Annual Conference of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) was held November 14–15, 2019, in spectacular Abu Dhabi, UAE. Regulators from around the world gathered to finalize post–financial crisis reforms, discuss implementation, and ponder the theme of supervision in a digital era. 

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2019 global seminar

Welcoming regulators and industry stakeholders from around the world, the IAIS global seminar introduced the new strategic direction for the organization. At the 11th global seminar held in Moscow in 2018, the IAIS implemented macroprudential initiatives to reduce systemic risk but several of those initiatives remain in flight. Could the new strategic plan be overshadowed by the continued efforts to complete past macroprudential initiatives?

Despite concerns, this year’s annual IAIS global seminar pivoted from the work to implement past reforms toward emerging industry risks and trends. Executive Committee (ExCo) Chair Victoria Saporta, noted the IAIS is embarking on a new strategic direction and is creating a plan for the next five years. She called for more collaborative response to issues such as operational and cyber resilience, with the common goal of recognizing these initiatives as more aligned across stakeholders than previous reforms such as the insurance capital standard.

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2018 global seminar

As the finish line approaches for global projects such as a risk-based insurance capital standard, the 2018 International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Global Seminar in Moscow came at an optimal time for stakeholders to reset and move on to the next level of regulatory changes.

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Moscow Russia

2017 annual meeting

The 24th annual conference of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) was marked by debate, compromise, and progress on key issues including international regulatory standards, valuation methods, and systemic risk management.

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2017 summer meeting

The 10th annual Global Seminar of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) featured discussion, debates, and important steps forward on how best to manage risk, guide technology innovation, institute and oversee regulation, protect consumers, and more. Deloitte’s comprehensive IAIS update provides you with all the highlights and insights.

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London, Big Ben

2016 winter meeting

It’s fitting that the “mother of all cities” hosted the IAIS annual conference, as progress, inclusion, and stability were key topics. How can profitable insurer infrastructure investment be stimulated? Should regulators focus on financial stability or policyholder protection? How can regulators help the industry innovate? 

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Bridge in Paraguay

2016 summer meeting

Global standard-setters at the IAIS recently returned to Budapest, the city where they last convened nine years ago. That meeting was the first IAIS Global Seminar and was where they began to formulate a response to the global financial downturn. As the group worked through this year’s agenda, progress was made toward establishing international capital standards and new rules for G-SII designation were released. Productive discussions took place on establishing capital standards, and on issues in cyber risk and cyber insurance. Find out more in Deloitte’s new IAIS update.

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2015 annual meeting

Macau SAR, People’s Republic of China hosted the Eighth Annual Global Seminar and Stakeholder Dialogues of the IAIS, the first that was open to the public. Highlights included news that the insurance capital standards (ICS) would be delayed and the insurance core principles were being revised to reflect ComFrame.

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Macau needle building

2014 annual meeting

The 21st annual meeting of the IAIS was held in Amsterdam and was an uphill battle for some US stakeholders. Highlights included the adoption of the first set of ICS and the termination of observer status, which had allowed for some access to the IAIS standard setting process.

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