A review of private equity and venture capital deals

Six insights to help create and execute high-quality deals

Private equity (PE) deal activity remains strong–and so does its competition. Will banks continue to finance deals? What regulatory and legal developments do PE firms need to be aware of? What major issues are shaping the relationship between general and limited partnerships? Deloitte’s Frank Fumai addresses the answers to these questions, and more, in a brief interview.

Deloitte’s Frank Fumai delves into an annual review of private equity

In an interview with Financier Worldwide, Frank Fumai delves into the trends, predictions, and opportunities within private equity, including limited partnerships. Business leaders and PE firms can utilize these insights to create and execute high-quality deals.

Explore the trends:

  • Intensified competition and deal value
  • Declining debt in leveraged buyouts
  • Increasing regulatory oversight
  • Functional operational due diligence
  • Improving performance with data and analytics
  • Taking an overall portfolio approach

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The role of banks and non-traditional lenders in private equity

"​Banks will continue to show up for quality deals. That said, we have seen a decline in the amount of debt leveraged buyout transactions in recent years and that trend has continued this year. PE firms have been working harder to secure financing because of higher market values and increased regulatory scrutiny at banks. This trend has opened up the market for non-traditional lenders, particularly outside of the United States."

"General Partners (GP) have worked closely with Limited Partners (LP) to develop a cadence in reporting that is both useful to LPs and not disruptive to GP operations."

Frank Fumai

Legal and regulatory developments

​"We are continuing to see an ongoing trend toward increased regulatory oversight of private fund advisers. As industry participants learn the results of recent regulatory inspections, certain topics continue to be spotlighted."

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