Public Sector Labor and Employment services | uFACTS

Improving integration and performance

The Unemployment Framework for Automated Claim & Tax Services (uFACTS), our proven Unemployment Insurance solution, is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based framework built on 20 years of successful UI implementations.

uFACTS embodies industry-leading practices, reusable services, and application components for UI Tax and Benefits and Reemployment services to jump start your modernization efforts. uFACTS provides road-tested methodologies, tools, and documentation to facilitate the use of integrated UI services which reduce costs, improve operations, and increase customer service.


Claims Services: Initial and Additional Claims Filing, Wage Determinations, Claim Maintenance, Special Claims and Payments, Customer Information Requests, Audit, Federal Reporting, Workforce Integration and Reemployment Services, Claims Summary   

Appeals: File and Schedule Appeal, Maintain Appeal, Process Appeal Decision

Benefit Payment Control: Payments, Overpayment and Repayment Management, Intercept Management, Payment Adjustments, Program Integrity

Adjudication: Non-Monetary Issue Creation, Fact Finding, Issue Management, Adjudicate/Determine Issues, Generate Determination Notic

Reporting Services: Fiscal Reporting, Management and Administrative Reports, Statistical Reports, Ad Hoc Reports, and Inquirie

Administrative Services: Industry-Approved Accounting Infrastructure, Template-Driven Correspondence, Business Rules Administration, Sub-Code System Management, Administrative Services Summary

Common Services: Interstate Connection Network (ICON), Security, Case Management (Workflow), Document Management, Communication Channel, Interfaces, Help Features, Common Services Summary

Our uFACTS framework provides the following features and functions: