Unemployment Claims Management Services

Innovating to improve the integration and performance of UI programs

Outdated unemployment insurance (UI) management solutions are keeping many organizations from focusing on bigger, more pressing business and operational challenges. Learn how Deloitte’s Unemployment Framework for Automated Claim & Tax Services (uFACTS) solution can help you cut through the complexity of unemployment insurance claims and tax matters to transform your organization.

Transform the way you manage UI claims, taxes, and integrity efforts

In an uncertain economy, unemployment insurance claims can surge overnight. It’s easy to see how staying focused on broader business objectives—all while managing new unemployment insurance claims, wage determinations, fraudulent applications, and unemployment insurance appeals—can feel like an uphill battle.

Deloitte’s uFACTS™ solution was designed to streamline the process of managing unemployment insurance claims, appeals and wage determinations, freeing you to focus on solving pressing business challenges. Its open architecture is transformative in terms of technological advancement and capability; yet, it’s compatible with multiple hardware systems for more choice, greater cost-efficiency, and easier integration. The result is a highly flexible and robust foundation that you can adapt as demand grows and unemployment insurance claims and appeals fluctuate.

We have continued our relationship with Deloitte solely because we have been so pleased with their exceptionally high level of service, innovative and collaborative approach, and professionalism. We consider Deloitte our partner in our continued pursuit of excellence in administering and delivering the UI and workforce programs to New Mexico’s businesses and jobless workers.

—Sue Anne Athens, chief information officer,
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

Streamline UI management with one user-friendly platform

Short for Unemployment Insurance Framework for Automated Claims and Tax Services, our uFACTS solution offers the fullest and most comprehensive capabilities in the marketplace. Its modern, web-based system architecture gives uFACTS robust tax and benefits functionality without compromising its capacity for necessary core services. Already at work in multiple states, uFACTS’s user-friendly framework consists of:

  • A complete code base
  • Requirements artifacts
  • Use cases
  • Supplemental specification documents
  • Code artifacts and generators
  • Data models

uFACTS’s proprietary foundation is the first of its kind to come to market, and is built upon seven basic system components that can be customized to meet your unique organization requirements and business goals. These include:

  • Tax Services—uFACTS performs the core employer business processes associated with managing the revenue functions of a UI program.
  • Benefits Services—uFACTS addresses the primary processes involved in the benefits side of your business.
  • Adjudication and Appeals Services—uFACTS facilitates the collection, scheduling, and determination of unemployment insurance appeals.
  • Program Integrity Services—uFACTS supports the establishment, prevention, detection, investigation, and collection of overpayments of UI benefits. uFACTS includes our innovative uDetect overpayment prevention capabilities.
  • Economic Research Services and Integrity—uFACTS provides economic research to the US Department of Labor’s (USDOL) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Employment and Training (ETA) Administration, and users of labor market information.
  • Administrative Services—uFACTS streamlines the administrative and staff operations involved in running a UI agency.
  • Common Services—uFACTS provides important functionality crossing all business processes and functional areas supported by each department within the UI agency, as well as other external state and federal agencies.

By placing all the components of unemployment insurance management services components on a single, innovative platform, uFACTS eliminates the labor-intensive process of reentering the same data on different platforms.

uFacts: Where innovation meets insight

Our uFACTS platform has the largest installed base of any UI management solution in the market. It’s just one of the ways Deloitte is rethinking unemployment insurance and workforce management services. Other innovations include:

  • The first integrated UI tax and benefit solution in the market
  • The largest number of successful UI implementations in the market
  • The first combined UI tax and claims implementation in the country
  • The first use of predictive analytics and behavioral nudging in UI program design
  • The first integrated portal for third-party administrators
  • The first UI modernization project to receive the annual recognition award for “Best Government to Citizen” implementation by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)

The uFACTS platform demonstrates Deloitte’s unique ability to combine technical experience with intelligent business insights to deliver dependable and secure technology solutions. Put its powerful technology to work for your business, and increase your flexibility and efficiency with a proven user-friendly interface, reliable service, and high return on investment.

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