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For more than 30 years, our Labor and Workforce Development practice has served unemployment, workforce, disability, paid family leave, and workers compensation programs throughout the United States.

Opening Up to AI as Your Assistant in UI

Our Labor and Workforce team offers compelling solutions, innovative and agile unemployment insurance modernization, and next generation tools such as AI Assistants in UI. We invite you to read our POV on how new developments in AI, deployed within an ethical framework, can help serve UI workers as assistants to improve the effectiveness of the UI program.

Opening Up to AI as Your Assistant in UI

Revving up the American talent pipeline

We invite you to read our Labor and Workforce POV - Revving Up the American Talent Pipeline. It is past time to rev up the American talent pipeline. Workforce accelerators and dynamic worker-centric efforts can be deployed to support and cultivate a steady supply of work ready talent for 21st Century jobs.

Revving Up the American Talent Pipeline

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

In addition to successfully implementing large-scale information technology systems, we have substantial experience assisting agencies with strategic visioning, organizational restructuring, and improving business processes. We help labor agencies provide services more effectively through state Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs, the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and the Wagner-Peyser Act. We understand the roles these programs play in helping citizens regain economic self-sufficiency. Further, we provide services to workers’ compensation programs to improve their adjudication, case management, and payment and accounting processes.

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The Unemployment Framework for Automated Claim & Tax Services (uFACTS), Deloitte's proven Unemployment Insurance and Paid Family Leave Solution, is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based framework built on 20 years of successful implementations.

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uDetect can help state agencies harness the power of their data to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. With uDetect, state agencies gain analytic and predictive modeling capabilities that can help identify likely fraud or overpayments early—providing more time for interventions that could help recover or prevent overpayments.

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Deloitte’s WorkPath™ provides a range of benefits aligning with workforce agencies vision and strategic objectives. By integrating employer, provider, and job seeker activity in a single data processing system, our solution simplifies reporting against Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act reporting requirements, delivers tracking and reporting of program activities regarding each participant and employer, and provides ad hoc reporting capabilities for improved delivery of workforce and labor market information.

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Deloitte’s WorkProtect™ provides automated reporting and intelligence capabilities to improve the auditing process, including monitoring benefits and imposing fines on insurers and employers for lack of compliance in coverage. Key functionality includes the ability to automate fine calculations and also compare National Council on Compensation Insurance canceled policy data to the list of employers who have been fined for coverage enforcement issues in the past.

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