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Daryl Brewster: Resilient podcast

The problem with short-termism

Many organizations struggle to balance short-term pressures with long-term goals. In this episode of Resilient, CECP CEO Daryl Brewster shares how companies can better manage these often competing forces.

Daryl Brewster, CEO of CECP, on the CEO Investor Forum and the problem with short-termism

CEOs are becoming increasingly frustrated by organizations that over-emphasize the short term. And CECP—a coalition of CEOs that believes societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance—took notice. CECP is trying to redirect investor behavior to focus less on short-term events and more on corporate frameworks that are capable of generating long-term growth.

Daryl Brewster, CEO of CECP, talked with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney about the organization’s mission and how companies can create long-term value by being socially conscious. The win-win? Doing good can also be good for business. It can help build brand, engage employees, and identify new markets.

This isn't just charity. This is about good investment. It's not going to pay back in a month—but most good things don't. But it can really have a positive and huge impact on the company.

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