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The beginning of a new year brings the chance to look back on successes and challenges to help us better navigate the year ahead. And learning from leaders who have faced significant challenges of their own is a great way to do that. Throughout the past year, the Resilient podcast series has gathered lessons learned from current and former executives, board members, and risk leaders. We’ve compiled some of their key insights to help you confidently manage any risks, crises, or disruptions that may pop up in the coming year.

Learning from resilient leaders

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Sound bite preview: Be transparent during times of crisis

By being transparent, Eric Pillmore, former SVP of Tyco International, was able to gain the trust of employees and public investors during a time of crisis. This allowed him to overhaul the corporate governance organization and ensure the situation would not happen again.

Be transparent, get to the bottom of the facts, leave no stone unturned. I think human nature tells us, ‘Don’t look there.’

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Sound bite preview: Plan for success in the long term—not just putting out fires today

Daryl Brewster, former Krispy Kreme CEO, was able to not only revitalize the Krispy Kreme brand, he was able to help secure its success by planning for the long term.

I think at the high level, the idea that we not only saved the company but put in the framework and the longer-term plan that the next round of management just too to yet another level.

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Listen to Daryl Brewster on plan for success

Sound bite preview: Lead by elevating the strengths of your team

As Louisiana’s deputy director of disaster recovery, Mark Riley was tasked with helping his state recover from one of the most costly natural disasters in US history. To be successful, he needed to lead his team by keeping their individual and collective strengths in mind.

A team is going to be more successful than an individual is. And it misses that if you just come in and dictate.

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Resilient is an award-winning podcast series that features authentic, engaging and thought-provoking conversations with CEOs, senior executives, government officials, board members, and people outside the business world. Hear interviews and personal stories about how they led through crisis, navigated through disruption, and managed through significant risk events. And discover what they learned about embracing risk, improving performance, and leading confidently in a volatile world.

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