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Adversity is never the end of the story.

Authenticity. Determination. Trust. Grit. No matter how experienced you are or what industry you’re in, the basics of great leadership are universal. In this podcast, we’re bringing you the voices of leaders who put these attributes into action. Get their candid take on diving into uncertainty, riding the tides of change—and remaining resilient in the wake of adversity.

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Julia Simon, chief legal officer and corporate secretary, chief diversity officer, and senior privacy officer at Mary Kay Inc., shares her experiences in leadership, litigation, and personal growth on accepting help and holding hope for the future

Tonit Calaway, executive vice president and chief administrative officer, general counsel, and secretary at BorgWarner Inc., on taking an unconventional path to success

Tom Morris, PhD, professor, author, sought-after business speaker, and a self-proclaimed public philosopher on a philosopher’s lemonade stand: ancient wisdom for today’s leader

Andrew Tinseth, Vice President of Internal Audit, Providence on auditing with empathy, leading with technology

Sara Hays, Principal, SLH Advisors, on transforming legal experience into board value

Bill Marquard, managing director, Monitor Deloitte on making connections to cultivate greater resilience

Vanessa Allen Sutherland, EVP Government Relations and Chief Legal Officer at Norfolk Southern Corporation on legal’s role in driving transformation 

Martha Minow, Harvard Law School professor, former dean, litigator, and board director on building trust as a leader in a skeptical society

Susan Irving, CMO, Kruger Products, on embedding trust into COVID-19 recovery

Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis special series

Rishi Varma, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on innovating in the legal field

Debbie Wheeler, Chief Information Security Officer, Delta Air Lines, on cyber as a force for change

Rob King, corporate vice president and chief audit executive at FedEx, on data, speed, and controls

Debbie Majoras, chief legal officer and secretary at Procter & Gamble, on her life, career, and leading through crisis

Jeff Raz, senior director, Stand & Deliver, on performing and its remarkable similarities to risk management

Jacki Monson, chief privacy and information security officer, Sutter Health, on the role of privacy in cybersecurity

Vanessa Pegueros, chief trust and security officer, OneLogin on cyberattacks and the long-term effects on organizations

Adam Zoller, Providence St. Joseph Health on bringing health care closer to patients through cybersecurity

Bob Kolasky on critical infrastructure risk management in times of crisis

Kenneth Chen, CAE, Spotify, on the importance of internal audit’s relationship with management

Lori Havlovitz, CISO, Cardinal Health, on raising the bar in cybersecurity

Teresa Tonthat, CISO, Texas Children’s Hospital on IT vs. business: the ultimate balancing act

Betsy Wille, CISO, Abbott on the evolving role of the CISO

Brandi Thomas, CAE, Delta Airlines, on the evolving role of the chief audit executive

Meredith Harper, CISO, Eli Lilly and Company, on the power of people and process in cybersecurity

Wendy Kanna, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, on cybersecurity as a strategic partner

Sandy Pundmann, partner, Deloitte, on leading through dramatic transformation

Trish Pierson, CISO, Abbvie on the business side of cyber

Colleen Valentine, Information Security Governance and Compliance director, Nasdaq, on creating a culture of security

Deb Golden, partner, Deloitte on managing cyber with a risk-based approach

Karen Baker, senior advisor to the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services on how disaster preparedness takes a village

Venkat Bhamidipati, CFO, Providence St. Joseph's Healthcare on the convergence of health and technology

James Gore, California’s Fourth District Sonoma County Supervisor on response, recovery, and rising from the ashes

Don Layton, CEO, Freddie Mac, on turning around a failing business

Rob Lee, CEO, Dragos, on detecting cyber risk in IoT

Shellye Archambeau, former CEO, MetricStream, on coming back stronger

Ned Segal, CFO, Twitter, on embracing and embodying purpose

Jen Fisher, US chief well-being officer, Deloitte on resilience through well-being

John Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management, on doing right for your customers

Beth Comstock, former vice chair at General Electric (GE), on why more employees should challenge their leaders and the executive of the future

Jake Wood, Team Rubicon, on the importance of finding purpose

Mark Riley, Louisiana’s deputy director of disaster recovery, on building a foundation of trust

Dic Donohue, Retired MBTA Sergeant, on finding purpose and resilience after a crisis

Ron Kiskis, the former president of Chevron Oronite Company, on the risk of missed opportunity

Mike Indursky, former CMO of Burt’s Bees and president of Bliss World, on breaking the right rules

Admiral James Stavridis, former supreme allied commander of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on an Admiral’s take on leadership

Frank Tirelli, former myCFO COO, Herbalife CEO, and Deloitte Italy CEO, on leadership in a volatile world

Paul Morell, former VP of safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental, American Airlines, on getting ahead of tomorrow’s risks

Mallory Weggemann, Paralympic swimmer, on resilience in the face of personal adversity

Dr. Dan Diamond on the movement to purpose

Alex Dimitrief, former general counsel for GE, on divesting, investing, and innovating

Paul Raines, former Gamestop CEO, on getting ahead of disruption

Jim Moroney, A.H. Belo director and former publisher and CEO of the Dallas Morning News, on leading disruption in media

Mandeep Grewal, head of customer experience, United Airlines, on enhancing the customer journey

Mark Riley on building a foundation of trust

Barry Salzberg on leading by example and the upside of downturns

Jackie Rice, former Target chief risk and compliance officer, on creating a smart risk culture

Keith Wandell, former CEO, Harley Davidson, on value-focused leadership

Daryl Brewster, CEO, CECP on saving an iconic brand, purpose-driven organizations, and the problem with short-termism

Eric Pillmore, former Tyco SVP of corporate governance, on rebuilding trust after crisis

Bill Roper, former Verisign CEO, on navigating crisis

About Resilient

How can you lead through crisis and disruption? Find out on Resilient, the podcast of authentic and engaging conversations with leaders who never leave adversity where they found it. Launched in 2016, the series broke new ground by featuring interviews with those who embody resilience and went on to win the Gold-level AVA Digital Award and Gold-level MarCom Award.

Resilient leaders don’t take obstacles as the final answer. Hear their personal stories of resilience by not letting adversity define them.

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