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The importance of internal audit’s relationship with management

Leveraging an innovative internal audit strategy to sell your story of value

What do disruption and innovation have in common? How can an organization strengthen internal audit’s relationship with management and sell the value they bring to the table? Why are leading by example and maintaining passion key ingredients for success? Find out in this episode of Resilient, where host Sandy Pundmann sits down with Spotify’s vice president of internal audit and chief audit executive, Kenneth Chen, to discuss all of this and more.

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Moving agilely while mitigating risk

Kenneth is no stranger to innovation within the internal audit function. While many internal auditors are still bringing last year’s audits with checklists to the table, his team has recognized the value of audit professionals who understand how technology paired with an internal audit strategy can help bridge the gap between accountants and engineers alike, strengthening internal audit’s relationship with management.

In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Kenneth explains the importance of understanding technology and business enough to improve internal audit’s relationship with management and be able to earn a seat at the table to discuss strategy.

It's about selling the story of the benefit we can bring to the table. It's why we should be at the table and not an afterthought. It's why we can help them be successful in their market launch or in their product launch. It's asking those difficult questions that they may not actually have ever thought about and then telling them why it matters to them

Kenneth also discusses the importance of creating a collaborative, value-added internal audit function, which largely stems from leading by example. Kenneth dares his employees, as well as other startups and evolving companies, to be curious. Because most successful projects come from asking questions where you are genuinely interested in the answer, not from trying to complete a checklist or following orders from peers.

At the core of Kenneth’s work for Spotify, however, lies passion. Even the internal audit team at Spotify comes to work to have fun, to be playful as a company and team, and to let passion guide their everyday commitment to succeed.

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