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Jake Wood: Resilient podcast

Veterans finding purpose in helping others

For most veterans transitioning back to life outside the military, a lack of purpose can be one of their biggest struggles. Jake Wood discusses how his personal experiences as a veteran led him to create Team Rubicon, an organization where military veterans can use their skills and experiences to employ a dynamic and adaptive approach to disaster relief, while at the same time restoring a sense of duty and service that often is missing from their lives.

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Jake shares how providing disaster relief during Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake motivated him to found Team Rubicon. He also discusses how his organization has evolved and the special importance of its mission: to help veterans find purpose after service.

Jake Wood on veterans finding purpose in helping others

In this episode of Resilient, Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood shares how his organization is helping to restore a sense of purpose for veterans while also aiding communities in their darkest hours after natural disasters strike. Not only does the organization help those in need, but it helps veterans reacclimatize to life outside of the military by focusing on three core pillars:

  • Purpose
  • Community
  • Identity

What traits does the organization look for in its veteran volunteers? People who think big and take chances.

We’re looking for people that are foolish enough that they think they can change the world and smart enough to have a chance.

Listen to the full episode to hear more from Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood.

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