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Mark Riley: Resilient podcast

Building a foundation of trust

When natural disaster strikes, how do you effectively lead a community’s recovery efforts? Mark Riley, Louisiana’s deputy director of disaster recovery, discusses the importance of trust, teamwork, and temperament.

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After the recent devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, it is almost impossible not to draw parallels to the recovery efforts and lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina. And once the storm has passed, how do you rebuild and lead a community’s recovery efforts? Mark Riley shares his insights on the importance of innovative solutions, communication, collaboration and cooperation, building the right team, creating cities and communities that are better prepared for crisis, and the resilience of the American people.

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Hurricane Katrina is the most costly natural disaster in US history. One million people displaced; over $100 billion in property damages. These figures only scratch the surface of the devastation Katrina brought to southeast Louisiana, and particularly the city of New Orleans.


Trust is indispensable in our business.


Mark Riley, Louisiana’s deputy director of disaster recovery, sat down with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney to discuss disaster recovery in one of the most disaster-prone states in the country, the resiliency of the American people, and his rules for effective leadership.

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Riley's Rules

  • Take the initiative
  • Innovate to get to "yes"
  • Keep everyone informed
  • Maintain your integrity
  • Respond quickly
  • Be thorough

  • Welcome dissent, but execute as a team once decision is made
  • Work with urgency today, but plan with deliberation for the future
  • Communicate. Collaborate. Cooperate.

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Mark Riley, in a Wall Street Journal article, speaks about the kind of leadership needed to bring states through natural disasters.

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