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The world is increasingly interconnected, bringing about new risks alongside the new growth opportunities. Digital technologies, exponential growth of data, and evolving business needs are expanding attack threat surfaces and bringing new challenges that elevate cybersecurity as a strategic business issue. Collaboration across cyber, risk management, and business units is critical to neutralizing cyberthreats, protecting business value, and sustaining customer trust. How can cybersecurity leaders transform uncertainty into possibility? And how might this impact the responsibilities and role of the CISO and cyber leadership? Hear from resilient cyber leaders as they share insights into the evolving cyber landscape.

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Cracking the code: Managing cyber with a risk-based approach

It should come as no surprise that cyber is everywhere—but that doesn’t mean organizations are taking the right steps to address its challenges and risks. As digital technologies continue to evolve and change the way we live and work, the attack surface area expands as the world enters an even more diverse and hyper-connected digital ecosystem. Cyber is in every aspect of what we do, and what effectively secured assets and sustained trust yesterday is no longer effective today—creating an ongoing cybersecurity challenge for CISOs. The proliferation of new technologies to solve for critical business needs and emerging opportunities, coupled with shrinking budgets and talent shortages, have caused many organizations to feel overwhelmed by cyber and how to holistically manage it.

In this series of cyber focused Resilient episodes, Deb Golden dives deeper into our new cyber everywhere reality with cyber leaders across many industries. They share their experiences navigating complex cyber issues and taking a risk-based approach to manage cybersecurity.

Tune in as Deb hosts a series of conversations with resilient cybersecurity leaders.

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Cyber is everywhere. Become stronger, faster, more innovative, and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

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