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Creating a culture of security

The front line of defense in cyber governance

As cybersecurity continues to play an increasingly important role in business today, how can cyber executives use education and open dialogue to increase awareness of—and successfully manage—cyber risks? Nasdaq’s Information Security Governance and Compliance director, Colleen Valentine, weighs in on the foundational components of cyber governance and creating a culture of security.

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Cybersecurity as a business enabler

While cybersecurity should be a priority for every organization, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business has different risks. And every business requires a unique set of controls to manage those risks. A clear understanding of the business, associated risks, and organizational cyber awareness can help cyber executives develop and deploy a cyber program that best fits their needs and enables the business.

In this episode, Colleen Valentine discusses the importance of creating an open dialogue on cyber and translating complex cyber issues for leadership, the board, regulators, and the entire organization. This, she says, is key to distilling a sense of cyber responsibility throughout an organization.

Our focus is on culture of security. We really want employees to understand that they're on the frontline of defense, that they interact with the data, and there's a certain duty of care and responsibility that they have with the data and to be cyber vigilant … we want to make sure we're viewed as business enablers.

At a time when organizations’ perimeters continue to expand, Colleen explores the new challenges presented by the rising influx of data and growing use of third-party vendors. She also provides her perspectives on varying approaches to cybersecurity around the world—and how regulations affect organization’s cyber strategies.

As someone whose professional path has never followed a defined “game plan,” Colleen shares the critical role mentorship has played throughout her career and why she believes managing with empathy is so important.

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