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Cracking the code: Managing cyber with a risk-based approach

Chief information security officers (CISOs) elevate cyber

The concept of 'cyber everywhere' isn’t only a challenge for IT departments—it’s a growing business issue. So how can CISOs better manage it? Deb Golden, principal and US Cyber Risk Services leader for Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, kicks off our Resilient podcast cyber series, featuring interviews with CISOs and cyber executives. Hear her discuss how a risk-based approach to cybersecurity—and leading with authenticity and grit—can help leaders prioritize cyber risks and boost resilience.

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Cracking the code: Managing cyber with a risk-based approach

It should come as no surprise that cyber is everywhere—but that doesn’t mean organizations are taking the right steps to address its challenges and risks. As digital technologies continue to evolve and change the way we live and work, the attack surface area expands alongside our hyper-connectivity. Cyber is in every aspect of what we do, and what effectively secured assets yesterday is no longer effective today—creating an ongoing cybersecurity challenge for CISOs. New technologies coupled with shrinking budgets and talent shortages have caused many organizations to feel overwhelmed by cyber and how to manage it.

In this episode of Resilient, Deb Golden dives deeper into our new cyber everywhere reality and shares her experience helping clients navigate through complex cyber issues. Deb has seen first hand how many organizations struggle knowing where to start, and she outlines how a risk-based approach can help CISOs manage cybersecurity.

A lot of (my clients) just become very overwhelmed and believe that everything needs to be secured in the same fashion. All risks aren’t created equal, all threats aren’t created equal.

She also shares how cyber has grown beyond IT to a strategic business issue that should be prioritized and aligned with an organization’s strategy. CISOs have the important task of getting the C-suite involved in the decision-making process at the front end of technology implementations, as well as managing cyber more broadly.

With the digital world expanding and the amount of data growing larger, Deb stresses the significance of analytics and cyber wargaming to prepare, monitor, detect, and remediate cyber threats. Deb also explains how digging deep to find her grit and leading with authenticity has helped her to become a role model and resilient leader.

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