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Bringing health care closer to patients through cybersecurity

Flexible and scalable cybersecurity solutions

How can health care organizations make care more accessible for their patients? Adam Zoller, CISO at Providence St. Joseph Health, discusses how his organization’s Health 2.0 initiative is enabling care from anywhere in the world through flexible and scalable health care cybersecurity solutions. He also shares how they, along with the Health 2.0 platform, have empowered Providence St. Joseph Health to address the impacts of COVID-19.

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Cyber enables the connection to care

Cybersecurity is about more than preventing data privacy issues—it has the potential to make health care more human and more accessible than ever. How can security solutions help address the complex health care challenges of the future?

In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Adam Zoller explores how Providence St. Joseph Health is taking health care to the next level through its Health 2.0 initiative—with the goal of bringing care closer to the patients, no matter where they are in the world.

He explains how he supports the initiative from a cybersecurity perspective, emphasizing how transparency, diversity, and ease of use can impact the success of cybersecurity in health care. He also discusses:

  • The three strategic pillars that support flexible and scalable health care cybersecurity solutions: simplification, modernization, and innovation
  • The impact of COVID-19: how it accelerated work that was already in progress and shifted the crisis mindset to focus on continuity of care
  • The importance of leading with the human element at the forefront: how it enables him to defend his systems and network, but also relate to and inspire people

Adam’s military service and educational background have greatly influenced his career as a cybersecurity leader. As a former captain in the United States Army Reserve and psychology major, intelligence was a natural intersection of the two fields, providing opportunity for Adam to leverage his background to get inside the minds of people who conduct attacks and help prevent bad outcomes.

I owe my entire career really to my military experience… I was a Lieutenant in the Army Reserves [and] they said...cybersecurity is a really big problem for the military. We have to invest heavily in it. We have to train our soldiers to be the defenders of our nation's infrastructure. I had my hands in some of the planning that really shaped and developed what's now the cybersecurity skillset for the US Army Reserves. It's one of those experiences that really put me where I am today and shaped me as an individual.

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