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The business side of cyber

An outside-in approach to managing risks

When it comes to managing cyber risk, how can you provide visibility to leadership and the business—without instilling fear? Trish Pierson, AbbVie’s Information Security and Risk Management director, weighs in on the business side of cyber, the benefit of different perspectives, and leaving your mark by challenging the status quo.

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Managing the business side of cyber

Being in the center of activity can provide the access and insight necessary to complete the task at hand, but it may not always provide the best perspective of the bigger picture. When it comes to cyber, the ability to look at the broad impact through a business lens can be the key to a successful risk management program.

In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Trish Pierson discusses the role her business background has played in leadership engagement and how AbbVie is making cyber awareness campaigns more personal to encourage a holistic view of security throughout the organization. She stresses the importance of teasing apart the complex components of cyber and drawing parallels to identify and prioritize risks and critical controls.

With a background in mechanical engineering and audit, Trish explains how an outsider’s perspective can help bridge the gap between technology and business.

I think that’s something we get away from within the technology space. We understand technology [and] we understand how we think our business wants to use technology. But if you haven’t really lived in the world of the business, sometimes we make a lot of assumptions.

With a passion for making an impact, Trish’s personal values align closely with AbbVie’s focus on improving patients' lives. Raised with a strong work ethic and the desire to outperform, for Trish “there is no trying. There is doing and there is not doing.” Trish is inspired by those who push boundaries, stand behind a vision, and solve problems. If you can put all those things together, she says, you can set yourself up for success. She also believes in empowering women in the workforce and shares important career advice: Be confident; have an opinion; don’t accept the status quo; and know that with failure comes the opportunity to learn.

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