Resilient: How businesses can confront the COVID-19 crisis

Actionable insights to help businesses respond and recover

In this special edition Resilient series, we shift our focus to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. From supply chain disruptions and economic scenarios to remote working challenges and crisis response strategies, these episodes feature actionable insights from leaders to help you think through what to do now—and next.

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The shift to remote: Workforce transformation in real time

As part of the effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, companies are temporarily closing office workspaces and asking employees to work from home. This episode explores some of the issues organizations are facing as they newly adopt or rapidly accelerate a remote workforce. Leaders from across Deloitte’s Human Capital, Future of Work, and Cyber practices provide insights on how companies can address a broad set of virtual workforce challenges—from technology oversight and risk management to employee well-being and cultural resilience. They also discuss the long-term implications of this short-term shift and what business as usual might look like for the post-crisis workforce.

Deloitte leaders in this episode:

  • Steven Hatfield, principal and Global Future of Work leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Erica Volini, principal and Global Human Capital leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Deb Golden, principal and US Cyber Risk leader, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory LLP

The shift to remote: Workforce transformation in real time

Crisis response and recovery

As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to create disruption, many organizations are realizing that existing preparedness plans may not be adequate in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic. How can businesses adapt their response efforts to potentially mitigate the impact of this crisis and work towards recovery? In this episode, we connect with three Deloitte leaders who specialize in risk and crisis management to discuss the acute response challenges presented by this rapidly changing situation: business continuity, financial liquidity, employee communications, security, and more. They share first-hand insights on how companies can identify and manage risk, and even embrace innovation in this intense and unpredictable environment.

Deloitte leaders in this episode:

  • Chris Ruggeri, Risk Intelligence National Managing principal, Deloitte Advisory
  • Damian Walch, Risk Intelligence and Business Continuity and Resilience managing director, Deloitte Advisory
  • Ashish Patwardhan, Risk Intelligence and Crisis Management managing director, Deloitte & Touche LLP

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Resilient crisis response and recovery

Resilient business response and recovery

In this episode, five Deloitte leaders come together to explore the challenges confronting businesses from multiple angles, sharing lessons learned from various fields including economics, supply chain, and crisis response.

Dr. Danny Bachman: Economic scenarios

Head of US economic forecasting for Deloitte LLP’s Eminence and Strategy functions, Dr. Bachman explores the potential impacts of COVID-19 on businesses from an economic perspective and what it could mean for your business.

Cindy Hook: Lessons from Asia Pacific

CEO for Deloitte Asia-Pacific provides a global perspective on the impact of the pandemic, along with first-hand insights on some of the lessons businesses in Asia have learned so far, and what you can learn from them.

Chris Ruggeri: Crisis response

Deloitte Advisory’s Risk Intelligence leader offers insights from her work with clients on preparedness and response strategies, and discusses how to make decisions in an environment of extraordinary uncertainty.

Robin Jones: Virtual workforce challenges

Deloitte Consulting Human Capital principal taps her deep experience in workforce transformation to address some of the business challenges of moving to and accelerating remote working during this crisis.

Jim Kilpatrick: Global supply chain disruption

Global Supply Chain & Network Operations leader for Deloitte Consulting, Canada, Jim shares his on-the-ground knowledge of how this crisis is affecting the supply chain across different industries. He also discusses pragmatic steps business can take now to mitigate risk across their supply chain and position themselves for a strong rebound.

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Resilient business response and recovery

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