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Alex Dimitrief: Resilient podcast

Divesting, investing, and innovating

We’ve all heard about lessons learned. In this episode of Resilient, Alex Dimitrief, general counsel for GE, explains how companies can put that into action and discusses the benefits of learning, adapting, and adjusting strategy as a continuous process.

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Divesting, investing, and innovating

Alex Dimitrief, general counsel for GE, on divesting, investing, and innovating

Learn and adapt. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney met up with Alex Dimitrief, general counsel for GE, to discuss how this diverse company manages through change and uses innovation as a competitive strategy.

The company’s “fast works” movement—think fast, fail fast, pivot fast—motivates teams developing new products and technologies. It’s not about playing it safe and avoiding mistakes. It’s about moving quickly, failing wisely, and then shifting your focus to the next idea.

Every institution always makes mistakes. It’s what you do with those mistakes that differentiates you.

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