Cross-border investment banking

International M&A now within reach

It’s not easy to understand the international M&A or navigate the debt capital markets. That’s why Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF) helps by leveraging the capabilities of the world’s largest professional services organization to connect acquirers and sellers and facilitate debt and equity capital raises—regardless of where stakeholders are situated.

Bringing investment banking to your doorstep

Looking to expand or undertake acquisitions in international M&A markets? Do you need to sell your business or procure debt financing from an international counterparty? We are here to accompany you on this journey. Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF) is the investment banking arm of Deloitte in the US, and an active adviser across industries globally. Our team combines decades of transaction experience with a sector-focused approach, offering deep knowledge and eminence in our core industry segments. We maintain regular dialogue with both strategic players and financial sponsors in key markets throughout the world, cover more than 250 non-bank lenders, and offer up-to-date market insights to our clients. We are leaders in M&A and debt & capital advisory—guiding clients through the transaction process with tailored approaches to meet their specific needs.

With access to more than 330,000 professionals in 142 countries and territories, Deloitte delivers a distinct combination of global advice with local knowledge: wherever your business is located, there’s a Deloitte office nearby. We have successfully assisted international companies to access the US market via M&A, advised international businesses on sales to US financial sponsors, and helped our clients raise multi-hundred-million-dollar debt financings to either accelerate their growth plans or undertake an acquisition.

Our international offering, led by dedicated US cross-border professionals with significant global experience, is supported by DCF’s US-based global industry leaders, who contribute their sector knowledge and experience to help enhance transaction execution for our cross-border clients. They have trusted relationships with the boards and C-suites of many of the largest business groups, financial sponsors, and key lenders at the core of the industries where we operate.

It is in difficult times that impartial financial advice matters most. As the global economy was impacted by the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we worked tirelessly to assist our clients on hundreds of strategic transactions. The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s Limited (DTTL) network of member firms finished the year as the #1 Financial Advisor for Global M&A on the deal count, having advised on 487 deals in 2020, according to Mergermarket for a total combined enterprise value of US$110.1 billion.1

DTTL’s Global Network

One full-service advisory platform, countless opportunities

By working with us, our clients have access to a range of services that can help them efficiently accomplish their strategic objectives. The auditors, consultants, tax professionals, and investment bankers throughout DTTL’s global network are constantly advising thousands of clients all over the world.

Our investment banking professionals are able to advise clients on all stages of the M&A lifecycle working together with access to global markets through DTTL’s network of member firms:

Accessing the US and the global markets

The US has the most diverse and sizeable market in the world, but accessing it is an opportunity as much as a challenge. From industry and market research to company outreach and transaction execution, DCF provides a full-service platform with local investment bankers to get your business from strategy discussions to setting up shop. Our US-based global industry leaders have advised multinationals on all continents on how to successfully approach the competitive US landscape.

Our US presence is complemented by investment bankers around the world, giving your business the benefit of US experience with the ease of access to local advisors in your home market.

Deloitte’s international presence also allows us to tap potential buyers all around the world for US clients looking to divest, aiming for enhanced buyer demand and a positive valuation outcome. Click here for the contact information of our cross-border leaders.

Transaction Experience

For a full list of transactions executed by DTTL member firms around the world, please click here.

Stay informed

To keep you informed of trends, our quarterly industry updates provide an overview of key marketplace trends and M&A transactions, including industry analysis and a reference list of publicly traded companies. Read our most recent quarterly industry M&A updates here.

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CEO | Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC
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David Fleming
Managing Director | Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC
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Fernando Szterling
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Foot notes

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The Deloitte network was among the top 3 advisors for global M&A in 2021 as per deal count. “2021 Global M&A report, Merger Market”, January 2022, http://www.mergermarket.com/pdf/MergermarketFinancialLeagueTableReport.Q42021.pdf

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