Deloitte DataMAAP Streamlines M&A Data Transfers

Leverage AI for a successful M&A transaction

In any M&A transaction, efficient data transfer between buyer and seller is part of a successful transaction. Leveraging advanced technologies and our demonstrated methodology, Deloitte’s DataMAAP assists organizations by using AI during M&A to facilitate and streamline the data transfer process.

The success of an M&A transaction depends on many things. The data transfer between buyer and seller is one of them. Data ownership is often scattered across multiple functions, locations, and platforms and this creates disputes, delays, and disconnects as stakeholders struggle with competing versions of the truth. With the growing volumes of corporate data there are real difficulties in understanding and tracking decisions about content. When this data contains sensitive materials, the transfer approvals and separation workflows take on even more significance.

DataMAAP allows you to get ahead of these challenges. An intelligent platform designed to assist you as you scope, plan, manage risk, execute, and track organizational asset transfers during a transaction. DataMAAP empowers organizations to easily manage and report on transaction asset/data transfers and to create and manage workflows to segregate commingled data stores. It applies machine learning, AI, and a codified methodology to accelerate business data scoping, segregation, transfer, and integration, including a transition service agreement (TSA) self-service function to help reduce stranded costs and risk.

Assisting stewards and custodians across the data transfer cycle

With DataMAAP, you can manage a master list of the data eligible for transfer and establish parameters, data management guidelines, and track dispositions across the data transfer lifecycle.

A pharmaceutical company’s prescription for data separation

A global pharma company announced a M&A transaction. The global nature and duration of transition service agreement (TSA) exits meant the default approach—using manual processes to track the data migration of thousands of records—lacked sufficient governance and robust data tracking mechanisms.

As part of this project, the company deployed DataMAAP to facilitate the transfer of electronic and physical data. More than 150 users were onboarded to help keep track of data transfers

DataMAAP facilitated:

  • Team, custodian, and inventory management to catalog and track the scope of the transaction
  • Chain-of-custody tracking to manage the transfer of business data from one organization to another
  • Role-based access control to safeguard data transfer security and manage complex access structures
  • A platform for tracking acknowledgement and potential disputes from the buyer

Our solution assisted the global pharma company to establish consistent workflows for data transfer approvals in alignment with TSA exits, obtain acknowledgements, and highlight any disputes. It also helped in reducing manual mechanisms and ad-hoc approvals and helped the company to streamline the data transfers process for the transaction.

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