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Deloitte Discovery solutions

Core service offerings

Deloitte Discovery has been providing eDiscovery services to corporate legal and IT departments, their outside counsel, and government agencies for more than 20 years. Our primary objective is to help our clients address the complexities associated with eDiscovery and information governance through the delivery of a comprehensive set of services and solutions.

Core service offerings

Deloitte Discovery has been providing eDiscovery services to corporate legal and IT departments, their outside counsel, and government agencies for more than 20 years. Our primary objective is to help our clients address the complexities associated with eDiscovery and information governance through the delivery of a comprehensive set of services and solutions.

  • Collection/Intake: Effectively identifying and collecting data and documents to meet discovery demands.
  • Hosting: Providing clients and legal counsel with a secure online collaborative environment for legal review.
  • Processing: Securely and efficiently reducing collected data to a manageable set for review.
  • Production: Efficient, on-time production of data in multiple formats.
  • Readiness: Reducing the risks and managing the costs of discovery through careful preparation and process improvement.
  • Review: Efficiently managing document review in business disputes and investigations through refined methodologies and advanced analytics.
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Other service offerings

AI enabled contract management review

Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Contract Management offering provides an automated end-to-end solution that leverages machine learning and automation to help organizations address contract management challenges. We provide a tailored contract review and lease abstraction offering, which leverages a customized suite of technologies, and a proprietary solution designed to reduce costs and increase accuracy by leveraging cognitive intelligence and machine learning.

Deloitte’s AI Contract Management and Review services help companies identify key contracts faster, enabling them to better facilitate the enforcement of their rights, renegotiate contracts and identify areas of lost revenue or stranded costs. Our professionals help organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements in a timely manner and help protect organizations against the risks of non-compliance. We assist by building, reviewing, and managing a contract lifecycle framework that helps sustain and secure your business interests while bringing efficiency into the process.

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​Cloud discovery

Deloitte Discovery has extensive experience in forensic analysis, preservation, and collection of cloud-based data. The cloud discovery stack is tightly integrated into the state-of-the-art Deloitte Discovery ecosystem, enabling one broad platform where cloud and traditional data converge in a single environment.

This enables us to offer consistent processes, evidence handling, tools, and quality control for most data sources. Our experience extends from the most frequently used cloud mail and storage platforms to social media and regulatory compliance archives.


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Computer forensics

Deloitte Discovery’s experienced computer forensics professionals help our clients find the critical information that they need by collecting, preserving and harvesting data from mobile devices, computer systems, servers, cloud systems and back-up media, while maintaining/preserving data authenticity and chain of custody. We can also conduct advanced digital forensics analysis on networks, RAM memory, mobile devices, and video forensics. We also offer advanced decryption services, advanced file and system recovery, and forensic tape analysis & recovery.


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Data breach notification services

Deloitte’s Data Breach Notification services help organizations respond rapidly to breach-related data requirements. We provide a powerful combination of people, demonstrated processes, and tools, including:

  • Data breach response team
  • Subject matter specialists
  • Data analysis workflows
  • Notification workflows

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​Discovery analytics

Deloitte Discovery employs advanced analytics and reporting solutions that help to reduce the risks and costs associated with electronic discovery. We leverage advanced analytics and statistical techniques to both inform attorneys about document populations that require review and to validate the use of cost-saving technologies.

Powered by our Advisory Institute, our clients receive the benefits of analytic technology through approachable, easy-to-understand scoring methods, prioritizations, and visual analyses. Increasingly, discovery analytics are used to address information governance issues such as defensible disposition and integration challenges between unstructured data and structured data.

The combination of statistical, text, and database analyses provide a unique insight into relevant data at a lower cost with more accuracy.

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Discovery advisory

In addition to transactional work on litigation and investigatory matters, we can help you evaluate your organization’s discovery capabilities, including the related people, processes, technology, data, and governance. We can help you store less data than you currently might, improve the completeness and accuracy of electronic evidence, as well as ease the burden of identifying the correct data, and avoid unwanted surprises and costly penalties stemming from data management practices.

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Discovery Managed Services

Legal department leaders are redoubling their efforts to manage discovery matters in ways that reduce the burden of oversight, decrease costs, increase operational insights, and facilitate deeper insights into outside counsel. Deloitte’s Discovery Managed Services can be a first step on a broader transformation journey toward legal department maturity or as a standalone initiative to deliver greater legal department value. And, with a better handle on your discovery portfolio, you can redirect your resources toward other legal department initiatives to drive your business forward and to elevate the legal services provided to the enterprise.

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Discovery Managed Services Brochure

Dynamic Review

Deloitte’s Dynamic Review is a managed document review solution that employs a layered approach of filtering, analytics, text categorization (“predictive coding”), and validation to inform decision-making. Our clients and their counsel use this analytic tool set and process to make better, more informed document review decisions.

With Dynamic Review, we are able to help clients better organize and prioritize reviews, enhance quality control, further reduce the document population, and allocate resources more effectively. Significantly, Dynamic Review is platform agnostic; therefore, clients are not required to purchase any additional technology or leave their existing review platforms to take advantage of Deloitte’s capabilities. In combination with our managed review offering, we act as an extension of your team, fully dedicated to addressing your challenges through our focus on an effective outcome.


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Electronic discovery

Deloitte Discovery professionals deliver solutions to complex electronic discovery challenges our clients face using our state of the art facilities and technology. We collaborate with our clients to assist with the preservation, collection, processing, hosting, and production of data subject to discovery. These integrated services are provided at our Electronic Discovery Solutions Center (EDSC), in regional eDiscovery centers around the world and through our field professionals at client sites.

Some additional services include: assisted translation and assisted redaction.

“Relativity Best in Service partners demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity.”


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Information lifecycle and archive assessments

Deloitte Discovery professionals help companies address the aspects of information lifecycle solutions, including information lifecycle management, email archiving, defensible disposition, and systems involved in your eDiscovery workflow. Our practitioners are trained and experienced on the latest regulatory, eDiscovery, and information lifecycle management processes and software applications and how they are deployed in a variety of environments (virtual, cloud, etc.).

We make recommendations designed to address the strategy and deployment of processes and technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information (e.g., email, electronic communications, documents, images, records, web content) that are related to business processes and/or regulatory requirements, wherever this information resides.

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Litigation readiness

Deloitte Discovery’s litigation readiness professionals assist corporate law departments with the strategic design, implementation and operation of eDiscovery programs, addressing people, process, and technology. Specifically, we have helped companies with legal holds, preservation, acquisition, electronic discovery readiness, and records management. These services address how corporate law departments manage spend, mitigate risk, and improve effectiveness.


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Managed review

Deloitte’s managed review team assists organizations and their legal counsel by helping to improve the overall document review process, whether by managing Deloitte review attorneys, outside counsel, or attorneys from other document review providers. Our focus is on streamlining the review, improving accuracy, and creating cost savings through leading practices and workflows such as pre-and post-processing data culling, the use of predictive coding and other analytics, and providing real-time reporting.

In addition, as part of a managed review, our experienced team of attorneys and analytics professionals can provide consultative support to outside counsel regarding quality control work flows, privilege logs, document chronologies and synopses, and assistance with deposition and trial preparation.


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Mobile device discovery

Deloitte Discovery’s experienced computer forensics professionals help our clients extract, preserve, and analyze the critical information from mobile devices including smart-phones, tablets, and GPS devices while maintaining/preserving data authenticity. Due to the rapidly changing mobile field, the ability to extract data and the type of data that can be extracted changes based on the device type and model. We use industry standard tools and techniques to extract and preserve the data from these devices.

From the resulting image or extraction we can produce a corresponding discovery load file containing the extracted mobile device data including the corresponding meta-data. This enables mobile device data to be loaded and reviewed with traditional data using standard discovery tools.

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Second request

Deloitte Discovery works with organizations, law firms, and regulators on large, complex Second Requests. We bring people, technology, resources, and experience to help keep the deal on track while tackling the formidable challenges posed by Second Request compliance. Our Discovery professionals can promptly identify and collect potentially responsive information from document custodians and data repositories.

We bring the skills and scalability needed to perform enterprise-level search and targeted collections. Our professionals also have experience working with in-house IT teams to collect email, file server data, and structured data, either on-site or remotely. We can also facilitate the simultaneous harvest of data located in the US and around the world.

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Structured data support

Deloitte Discovery performs research and analysis that cannot be done with standardized search criteria found on common eDiscovery platforms. We work closely with clients and industry experts to extract and analyze structured data from disparate systems and link that data to unstructured data.

We leverage experience and leading-edge technologies to create rule-sets and predictive models that provide clarity on complex, data-intensive cases. Additionally, we provide our clients with customized reporting through the analysis of text and structured data to provide a more transparent view and ultimately a better understanding of the matter.

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