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Deloitte Discovery case studies

Real problems, real solutions

Browse our latest discovery case studies to see the types of challenges and solutions your peers have experienced. Through these real-life scenarios, find out how our discovery team can bring value by helping to reduce risks and manage costs throughout the discovery process. When it comes to the discovery challenges your legal team faces, each unique task should be treated with careful consideration. Our primary objective is to help our clients address the complexities associated with eDiscovery and information governance.

Records management

Records management and document discovery in corporate divestitures

In corporate divestitures, identifying which records and documents go to the buyer and which stay with the seller can be an expensive and time consuming. Learn how the use of analytics assisted with this records management issue.

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Predictive coding - accelerate

Using predictive coding to accelerate the sorting and prioritizing of documents for review

Learn how a client was able to complete review of 780,000 documents on time and within budget using Dynamic Review.

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Global information governance

Global information governance

In this case study, we demonstrate that historic challenges endemic to hard copy record maintenance—over-retention and non-defensible disposition and the related financial and legal impacts—may have evolved to become more manageable.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud collection and forensic services

Find out how investing time to understand a company’s objectives and infrastructure helped in deploying the appropriate cloud tools to address a complex, time-sensitive project.

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Predictive coding - streamline

Predictive coding streamlines document review by reducing the number of materials necessary for review

Learn how predictive coding led to a sixty percent reduction in the materials necessary for review, saving the company both time and money.

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Predictive coding - saving

Leveraged predictive coding to reduce document review costs and increase efficiency

Find out how a company saved $100,000 and improved review efficiency by leveraging an analytical model that helped to prioritize the responsive documents to be reviewed.


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