Global information governance case study

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Global information governance case study

Cross-border records management the hard[copy] way

Hard copy records continue to be a significant component of corporate information governance programs, particularly for global multinationals. In this case study, we demonstrate that historic challenges endemic to hard copy record maintenance—over-retention and non-defensible disposition and the related financial and legal impacts—may have evolved to become more manageable.

Information Governance

We start by discussing the scenario that one records management group faced, the overarching methodology used to prioritize and organize the records inventory and then present how a technology-enabled process addressed the site-specific challenges cost-effectively. This case study outlines how an innovative process was implemented to manage hard copy documents while simultaneously helping the client to meet in-country records requirements. Technology advancements can help overcome persistent business challenges in hard copy records, and even reinvigorate global records management programs. Consider reevaluating your record program to see if such technology trends can improve the quality of your program.


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