Deloitte Assisted Redaction

How efficient and cost effective is your redaction process?

Protecting privileged, business confidential, and personal information is a challenge for many organizations. The volume of data that these groups handle is steadily increasing and a considerable amount of time and money is often expended to find and redact this information during document review. It can be found in complex, lengthy spreadsheets and other business records that need to be produced to third parties.

​Deloitte Discovery has worked with organizations, law firms, and regulators on some of the world’s largest document review exercises. Leveraging the knowledge and experience gained from this work, we have developed an intuitive application called Assisted Redaction that automates the identification and protection of sensitive information allowing an organization’s legal team and its outside counsel to search across large data sets and automatically redact user defined terms. This application has been designed for kCura’s industry-leading document review platform, Relativity, and is integrated into Deloitte’s hosted review centers.

Assisted Redaction can facilitate a faster and more systematic redaction process and can greatly reduce the need to manually identify and redact text.

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