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5G is here. Are you ready?

5G is here, and through the lifecycle of its growth, it will reach into many facets of life, both personally and in business; from increasing network reliability, exchanging data faster, enabling new applications, and allowing us to better connect globally.

5G will enhance, and in some cases, transform how we live, play, and work. Until now, cellular technology’s growth had been linear with incremental benefits coming with each iteration. That’s set to change with 5G. And Deloitte is here to help.

Connected cars, 5G, and the road to cyber safety

What is vehicle to everything (V2X)? This communication system is designed to improve safety, ease traffic jams, and decrease traffic jams. As progress on V2X continues and the manufacture of connected vehicles picks up, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month presents an opportune time to discuss the implications of our increasingly connected world and ways to enable its security, privacy, trustworthiness, and resilience. Learn more in this perspective by Wendy Frank, principal and Cyber & Strategic Risk 5G leader, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

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While the shift to 5G is bringing a new level of uncertainty to organizations across the globe, it’s also creating endless possibilities. Early 5G adopters may benefit from an unprecedented technological, financial, and national security advantage over their competitors, so government and business leaders should act efficiently.

With expansion comes challenges, notably related to costs, manufacturing, and even understanding and harnessing 5G’s full potential. The shift in 5G architecture may also require a more robust cybersecurity approach aligned with Zero Trust security from organizations since, unlike 4G which uses hardware hubs, 5G is software-based.

While the impact of 5G will be seen across different facets of organizations, we expect significant and most immediate implications in the following areas:

• Data
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• IoT
• Government and Public Services (GPS)

The global shift to 5G will present a new series of challenges and risks for enterprises to manage

  Some anticipated challenges…. How Deloitte can help…
Secure software development With 5G expected to enable new applications in different industries, there is a need to ensure that business growth is aligned with security strategies Assisting organizations to grow with security in mind through secure software development, DevSecOps ('security from the start'), defined static, dynamic, and penetration test cycles
Business process and system impacts Organizations will need to assess impact of 5G adoption on their data, infrastructure, and business processes and make required updates Providing organizations with services around network architecture, asset management, PII, and PHI impact assessments, ERP updates, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) impact assessments
Critical infrastructure There is a high reputational risk for mission-critical applications such as self-driving cars, military applications, and telehealth/telesurgery applications Assessing the security of critical infrastructure through asset maintenance, endpoint/device security, identity management, core equipment security, and tamper-resistant hardware, in both the commercial and public services
Governance and regulatory risk With adoption of any new technology, organizations will need to address regulatory and compliance implications  Defining a cyber operating model; assistance with risk assessments and compliance with standards, policy development and maintenance; and helping to identify privacy considerations for both Commercial and Government sectors
Network monitoring 5G will enable more IoT devices and change traditional network architecture, requiring updates to network monitoring strategies for performance and security Updating organizations’ network monitoring strategy including baseline network scans, interface assessments, authentication, identity, and device management, and hardening of virtual network functions/software-defined networks
Threat intelligence Several functions performed by hardware traditionally, will be software-driven in 5G. Combined with the dramatic expansion in bandwidth, this will create new attack vectors requiring dynamic cyber protection Helping organizations prepare to meet the threat of cyberattacks through encryption/cryptographic/tokenization solutions, as well as threat logging and monitoring

What sets us apart?

Deloitte Cyber & Strategic Risk offers organizations comprehensive services to advise, implement, operate and respond towards digital transformation.

Deloitte has been at the forefront of revolutions in business for 175 years and we are well-positioned to help organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach in the 5G era.

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David Mapgaonkar

David Mapgaonkar

Technology, Media and Telecom

David, a principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, is the Identity practice leader, and, the TMT Industry leader for the Cyber & Strategic Risk practice. In his Identity Leader role, he is responsible for t... More

Wendy Frank

Wendy Frank

Principal | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Wendy, a principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, is the Cyber IoT and 5G Leader in the Cyber & Strategic Risk practice of Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. She focuses on providing Cyber Risk services t... More

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