Keeping financial controllership “in the green”

Promoting growth by redefining controllership and accounting

Controllership can be a growth engine, enabling profitable, controlled expansion with an ever-evolving workforce. Controllerships that are truly “in the green”—consistently driving growth—are leveraging data, tech, and talent to transform processes and unlock business value.

Today's Controllership is faced with a shifting landscape with both challenges and opportunities. Those that operate as a growth engine for the company—those "In the green"—represent the pinnacle of financial integrity and health, business growth, and sustainability. But getting into the green can be a challenge. How can financial controllership and other accounting roles thrive in an era of globalization, M&A, big data, and ever-changing regulations? How do enabling technologies play into your future? How can you engage and develop the "workforce of the future" to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness? A Deloitte framework can be the answer.

Many controllers and CAOs are embracing the challenges of today with an “in the green” approach. They realize that data comprises the nutrition they need to feed the organization as they centralize and harmonize financial information. They automate routine processes in order to free up human capacity to focus on more value-added work, and they apply that talent toward analytics to unlock business value. They see controllership as a growth engine for the company as they enable profitable, controlled expansion with an ever-evolving workforce.

Controllership as a growth engine

How Deloitte can help

To guide this fundamental change, Deloitte’s Controllership in the Green framework provides leading practices, detailed guidance, and a tailored roadmap for managing integrated transformation across process, technology, governance, and operating model. This approach can assist your controllership team as it develops its long-term vision and strategy.

Global Statutory Reporting

Despite ongoing digital transformation and an increased focus on governance, many multinational companies are falling behind in streamlining their process of Global Statutory Reporting (GSR). We invite you to discover five GSR insights and actions you can take to develop a cohesive strategy and capture operational efficiencies leveraging your technology initiatives.

Streamlining statutory record to report (RTR)

Deloitte has a comprehensive set of services to help organizations transform their controllership function.

  • Strategy and organization design
  • Accounting process improvement
  • Digital Controllership

• Accounting Information Science
• Analytics & Insights
• Accounting Automation

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Kyle Cheney

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Clint Carlin

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Beth F. Kaplan

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Charles Carrington

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